Luxury leaders and their favourite jewellery

By Ruhi Gilder 
One’s favourite piece of jewellery may not necessarily be the fanciest, but it’s one that’s closest to the heart. For our Jewellery special issue, we’re speaking to jewellery connoisseurs, young entrepreneurs about their favourite pick from their personal collection. Read on to see Indian luxury leaders reveal the reason behind their love for their most precious jewellery pieces.  
Vandana Jagwani, Creative Director of Mahesh Notandass & Founder of Vandals 
Vandana Jagwani Creative Director of Mahesh Notandass & Founder of Vandals
Vandana Jagwani Creative Director of Mahesh Notandass & Founder of Vandals
My favourite piece is…neckpiece from my own label Vandals, titled ‘the not so heartless emerald necklace.’ It’s made of 103.24 carats of Zambian emeralds and 7.94 carats of lab-grown diamonds set in 14kt gold, and is set on a coil instead of hinges. 
Vandana Jagwani's favourite necklace
Vandana Jagwani’s favourite necklace
Why?… It is one of my favourite designs that I have ever created, and was the first piece I designed when I started Vandals. It makes me realize the value of a jewellery piece is not in its monetary value but in its design beauty and emotional value.  
Meghna Goyal, Founder, Summer Somewhere 
My favourite piece is… A pair of simple gold hoops, I’ve worn them every day since the past 3 years. 
Meghna Goyal, Founder, Summer Somewhere
Meghna Goyal, Founder, Summer Somewhere 
Why?... My grandma gifted these to my mom on her 25th birthday and she passed it down to me when I turned 25. Plus, they are super light and can be worn with everything.  
Gitika Taraporewala, Director, Criesse Communications 
Gitika Taraporewala, Director, Criesse PR
Gitika Taraporewala, Director, Criesse PR
My favourite piece is… Rose cut diamond and freshwater pearl earrings from Zoya, called Pearls of Redemption. 
Gitika Taraporewala's earrings
Gitika Taraporewala’s earrings
Why?… Zoya is one of our oldest clients at Criesse, and it is one of my favourite brands. This piece is from the collection Libera, which is inspired by the fable of a heroine who is living in the flow of all that is authentically her, while shedding the need for external validation. It’s a story that resonates with personal meaning, specially through the pandemic, when we have all in some ways dealt with loss, and so we value that which is authentic and meaningful much more. 
Deepika Gehani, Sr. VP Marketing, Reliance Brands Ltd. 
Deepika Gehani, Sr. VP Marketing, Reliance Brands Ltd.
Deepika Gehani, Sr. VP Marketing, Reliance Brands Ltd.
My favourite piece is… this beautiful pair of baguette diamond earrings. 
Deepika Gehani's earrings
Deepika Gehani’s earrings
Why?… Being a jeweller’s wife has its advantages and anything that a loved one gives becomes my favourite jewellery. My current favourite is something that my husband gifted me last year on our anniversary. Plus, it is designed by him which adds to the sentimental value. This pair will always stay with me and will eventually be passed onto my daughter. 
Monica Sambharya Parikh, Director, Trescent Lifestyles 
Monica Sambharya Parikh - Director, Trescent Lifestyles
Monica Sambharya Parikh – Director, Trescent Lifestyles
My favourite piece is… my mother’s mangalsutra. 
Monica's Mangalsutra
Monica’s Mangalsutra

Why?… My parents have been married 52 years and when I wear it, I feel like I am carrying their love, values from their upbringing, their culture, with me. For me, my mother is the most amazing woman in the world. I admire her strength, her ability to care, to give. She has sacrificed so much for her children selflessly, and I feel I am a part of her when I wear this piece of jewellery!

Aaina Mahajan, Creative Director of MellowDrama 
Aaina Mahajan, Creative Director, Mellow Drama
Aaina Mahajan, Creative Director, Mellow Drama
My favourite piece is… my Bvlgari Serpenti ring 
Aaina's Serpenti Ring
Aaina’s Serpenti Ring 
Why?..It was the first gift I bought myself with my earnings. I love the design and the way I feel when I put it on. I have an emotional connection with this piece and it gives me a sense of freedom and empowerment. The Serpenti symbolises a feeling of vitality. 
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