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June 19, 2024

Luxury shopping in Milan, a luxury fashion shopping guide

Arushi Sakhuja
Milan, the fashion capital is a city that is synonymous with exquisite couture. From some of the best-known luxury designers like Prada, Valentino, Versace, Giorgio Armani, Bottega Veneta, Mui Mui and more, when it comes to shopping in Milan the city offers the best experience to shopaholics. The Italian capital is one of the world’s foremost fashion destinations. Be it swanky designer stores, quaint boutiques or high street chains, Milan has something to suit every taste and wallet.
With a modern style, the city is best known as a commercial capital, unlike other cities in Italy. But Milanese take their fashion choices very seriously and the best part about the experience while shopping in Milan is that you don’t need to scout for trends that are in vogue – just look on the streets and it will seem like a runway.
shopping in Milan
Photo Courtesy: Pexels
The beauty of fashion in Milan is highlighted as every area of the city has a different style. While it isn’t a particularly large city, it’s easy to chalk out an itinerary when it comes to luxury shopping. From ancient arcades and classical boulevards to modern malls and concept boutiques, these are some of the best places to go shopping in Milan if luxury is what you seek.
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele 
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
Photo Courtesy: Pexels
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele is probably in every guidebook, and not without reason. This luxury shopping space offers customers a high-end shopping experience in a royal atmosphere like this. The historic building’s architecture is opulent with a lot of natural light. Named after Victor Emmanuel II, it is one of the world’s oldest shopping malls. This shopping mall was designed in 1861 and opened in 1867. The four-story arcade is an architectural gem and is a major luxury brand destination. The first Prada store opened at the Galleria in 1913 and today it is much more than a shopping arcade and has an air of luxury. It has boutiques, a seven-star hotel, several restaurants, and cafes.
La Rinascente
shopping in Milan
Photo Courtesy: La Rinascente
La Rinascente is an eight-story department store located next to Vittorio Emanuele and across from the Duomo. This store has contemporary interiors and a fantastic selection of designer brands. It is a one-stop shop for fashion, home furnishings, books, jewellery, and more. The third floor features everything from Prada to Gucci, and Armani to Ralph Lauren. An entire floor is dedicated to interiors, where you can find inspiration for redecorating your whole apartment while shopping for your next coffee table. The Food Hall is also a must-visit. After a day of shopping, make your way to the balcony for a breathtaking view of Cathedral Square from above.
10 Corso Como
Photo Courtesy: 10 Corso Como
10 Corso Como is both the name of the street and the design store that is situated there. Credited as being the first concept store, and founded almost 30 years ago, 10 Corso Como is the brainchild of former fashion editor Carla Sozzani. Initially, she intended it to be only an exhibition space where she was hoping to create a living magazine. Today, the complex combines a gallery, store, restaurant and a bookshop all in one. They offer a wide variety of carefully selected art, design, music and fashion items. The two-story space also has a private garden and a roof terrace.
Quadrilatero d’Oro
Quadrilatero d'Oro
Photo Courtesy: Pexels
The Quadrilatero d’Oro is a district bounded by four main streets, where the best of high Italian fashion comes together in the heart of Milan. A vision in pink Candoglia marble, Milan’s extravagant Gothic cathedral, 600 years in the making, aptly reflects the city’s creativity and ambition. The quaint streets have long been synonymous with elegance and money, and even if you don’t have the slightest urge to shop, the window displays and people-watching are priceless. When it comes to luxury, you cannot miss Quadrilatero d’Oro. Known as The Golden Square, it is the most expensive and fashionable area for shopping in Milan. Every high-end fashion label aims for a place there. The main street you can start from is via Montenapoleone which is one of the most expensive streets in the world. If you are looking for elaborate shopping windows, with the latest pieces from the runways, this is the right spot.
shopping in Milan
Photo Courtesy: Antonia
The couple’s independent multi-brand retailer, Antonia, is considered one of Milan’s most beautiful stores. Italian Antonia brings some of the world’s leading brands together under one roof. A unique shopping experience mixing tradition and innovation, the multi-brand boutique located in the renovated 19th-century Palazzo Cagnola, presents a tasteful selection of men’s and women’s clothing, curated by eponymous founder Antonia Giacinti, a respected Italian fashion influencer. Within you have a mix of the best luxury brands and more, because, for Antonia Giacinti and Maurizio Purificato, owners and inventors of the concept of Antonia, the contemporary and the research are at the heart of their taste and DNA. Antonia also stocks a wide range of accessories, including shoes, bags and leather goods.
Antonia is a trendsetter among Italian buyers, known for her ability to mix established and up-and-coming brands. The vaulted colonnade, stunning interiors, and eye-catching visuals attract collaborations with international brands, streetwear labels, and sports powerhouses. The boutique is popular among global fashionistas and local fashion enthusiasts.
The best time to visit Milan is during Fashion Week, you can expect to see a live runway on the street from chic street-style ensembles to haute couture and edgy outfits. Yet, if you are planning a trip only for shopping in Milan, you should plan it between July and January because that is when the sales begin, and you can find fantastic deals.
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