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July 18, 2024

Minotti, Italy’s luxury furniture design house opens in Mumbai

Ismat Tahseen
There’s a new address in Mumbai for décor lovers, home stylists and anyone who savours beautiful designs. Italian brand Minotti – a globally-celebrated name in contemporary furniture design – has set up a flagship in Mumbai. Located in the iconic 1890 Kitab Mahal building at Fort, it packs as much heritage charm as you can expect.
Photo courtesy: Minotti
We stepped into the 3,700-square foot store recently, to take in an immersive experience, something that is such a part of the Minotti tradition.
A love for quiet refinement
Photo courtesy: Minotti
The interiors spell quiet luxury and it’s an aesthetic experience from the moment you enter. An arched doorway welcomes you into the setting, where different living room areas are created to allow for that walk-into-a-home experience. Varied tones of olive, a deeper green, grey, yellow, cream, black and white play the key notes everywhere you look. The alternation of colours and elegant textural choices is in sync with the architectural context in which the store is located.
Photo courtesy: Minotti
As Roberto Minotti, CEO of the company takes us on a tour on the space, he remarked, “What makes us stand out is our way of presenting our designs not merely as products, but giving a whole experience to people when they walk into the store; of letting them see how they can interpret the pieces into their homes and spaces. It took time to zero in on this location because we wanted it to be a complete experience for people. And this building had so much heritage and architectural context, that we loved it.”
The neoclassical style of the original architectural elements, such as the vaulted ceiling and iron columns, blends with the brand’s aesthetic codes, creating an exclusive and contemporary showroom atmosphere. There is a balanced play of contrasts: the concrete-effect ceramic flooring is complemented by the wengé-coloured oak of the ceiling and the wooden panelling, underlining the brand’s distinctive aesthetic language. The arches are decorated with mirrored and reflective surfaces that illuminate and enrich the location, creating a sense of depth and an interplay of perspectives. In addition, the succession of black and white columns marks the subtle boundary between the indoor and outdoor settings.
Exhibit space with distinct living areas
Photo courtesy: Minotti
The brand has dressed up the most upscale hotels and resorts, lounges, yachts, corporate spaces and villas across the globe as it brings its modernist, contemporary approach to the city. At Minotti Mumbai, it is the exhibit space with its exquisite seating and lounge areas that makes you linger on to appreciate all the nuances and meticulous details that have gone into each setting with sofas, tables, chaise-longues, coffee tables rugs and more, punctuated by couture-inspired stitching.
Photo courtesy: Minotti
Three living room islands present some of the brand’s best and latest furnishing pieces – the Connery, Twiggy and Dylan seating systems, the latter the protagonist of the 2023 Collection, all designed by Rodolfo Dordoni. The store also hosts two lounge areas with the Oliver table, accompanied by the Lars and Sendai seats by Inoda+Sveje as well as the Torii Bold family of seats by Nendo. Several sofas serve up glamour in their design with softly rounded edges, special tweed and the curved style that is uber comfortable and characteristic of the brand’s language. Clearly, the products are about cosiness, but also a refined setting.
Photo courtesy: Minotti
Further into the store is the outdoor area which features iconic elements such as the Florida seating system by Rodolfo Dordoni and the Bellagio Outdoor table by Gordon Guillaumier, in harmonious dialogue with the Lido Cord Outdoor seats designed by GamFratesi, perfect for the garden, terrace and other spaces.
Photo courtesy: Minotti
Another standout is the large meeting room with the Linha table and Daiki Studio seats created on the first level that is sure to fit in with interior design projects.
Minotti has consolidated its brand presence in India in collaboration with local partner Design Italiano, with two monobrand stores in Hyderabad and Ahmedabad, Mumbai being the third and there are big plans ahead. Roberto is enthused by the demand for Minotti’s sartorial craftsmanship so far as he says, “We are hopeful that aficionados in Mumbai will enjoy being here and experience the Minotti creations.’

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