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June 23, 2024

Lighting brand Luxaddi opens doors in Mehrauli

By Payel Majumdar Upreti
This story begins in 1968, in Moradabad, when nakshi brass work of UP met fine glass making from Firozabad. The resultant chandeliers illuminated the best of homes and institutions in fine Europe. Designs would be sent over, and converted into months’ worth of works of art. This legacy brand eventually forayed into Indian hotels, lighting up the famous Rambagh Palace, to hotels by The Oberoi, Taj Hotels and ITC. Luxaddi has left its luminous mark on iconic international landmarks, from the Paris Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas to the White House Museum in Washington, D.C. In India, their lighting creations grace the interiors of prestigious hotels and palaces. While it is well-known in professional circles, they were unavailable for sale to retail customers till very recently. Last month, Luxaddi’s official address in a tony locality in Mehrauli, just off MG Road, is a tastefully done mansion, delightfully decorated with the best chandeliers, wall sconces, table lamps and lanterns all lit up to a grand effect.
They have a long history of making chandeliers from classical Georgian Connelian inspired ones, to a more modern one that would fit perfectly in an LA mansion (it’s a double of a piece that once was commissioned for Tom Hanks’ house, I’m informed!)
Photo courtesy: Luxaddi
Chandeliers from the Baroque and Rococo period finds space amongst the more tropical interpretations. Drawing inspiration from the delicate silver lining of clouds, the gentle sparkle of dewdrops, and the mesmerizing dance of fireflies on a moonless night, Luxaddi’s designs are born from life’s most enchanting moments. Each piece tells a unique story, a narrative woven into the very fabric of its creation. Luxaddi’s commitment to its craft is deeply rooted in tradition, even as it embraces the spirit of modernity. What can date back to fourth-century Roman glasswork, has been fused with cutting-edge design to make products that are unique and truly beautiful. Luxaddi’s position and exposure to the best lighting arrangements across the world, their fusion of heritage and innovation has set new trends in lighting. The brand is a connoisseur of the modern-day lighting industry in India.
Photo courtesy: Luxaddi
Abhishek Singhal, the Founder of Luxaddi, explained his vision, “My grandfather established this company, and my father grew the brand to what it is now. I always wanted to bring our expertise to local homes. However, my father was very against the idea because he felt not everyone understood the true value of art.” Going against the grain, Singhal founded the company and started retailing in India as he believes that Indian customers have become more discerning about art and design, and as a result of their travels, are now global citizens who can distinguish the value of art. “More than the glass, it is a game of metalwork and kaarigari, the expertise of which is rarely found anywhere in the world. Moradabad is a hub of it, and it is time our homegrown craftsmanship is valued for what it is.”
Address: Farm No. 48, Chelmsford Club Drive, Mehrauli, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Rd, Ghitorni, New Delhi, Delhi 110030
Instagram Handle: @luxaddi_official

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