Morpho Hotels & Resorts will open seven new hotels in India this year, including luxury properties

Morpho Hotels & Resorts, a luxury lifestyle hotel brand, which takes the name of a rare, magical butterfly is set to fly in India. The brand will soon launch seven properties in Goa, Darjeeling, Varanasi, Chhatarpur, Bokaro, Kasauli and Manali, while planning a global expansion in South Africa, Levant countries, Egypt, Iraq, Spain, Nepal and Turkey. 
In conversation with Dipinder Benjamin, CEO- Morpho Hotels & Resorts, LuxeBook gets an insider’s take on the hospitality industry and launching a brand during the pandemic.  
“We see this as an opportunity to aggressively look at the business and leisure segmentwhich is suffering due to lack of technological resources and skilled manpower to navigate the new normalOur strength lies in reducing human intervention, putting in place policies to make processes more efficient and self-sustaining,” says Benjamin.  
Crystal by Morpho
The group’s hotels are split into three distinct brands, The Morpho, best suited for business travellers, whereas Crystal by Morpho has larger resorts with enhanced amenities. Third, Vivid by Morpho, a luxury brand, offers opulence at every step. The focus here is on bespoke experiences, state-of-the-art amenities and constant innovation, says Benjamin. “India is a place with diversified fascinations and preferences; it is exciting to blend the needs of the HNI along with that of a family traveller.” 
As seen in China, post months of isolation, customers may find their way back to luxury travel, entertainment, food and beverage and spa services. Nature and health will be our priorities in the luxury segment. We look to provide an experience with focus on the environment and organic food products. The adventure and sports facilities are also part of the luxury division, as Vivid hotels are nestled in exotic locales,” says Benjamin. 
With a varied offering of hotels, Morpho is targeting segments like leisure travellersfamiliesmillennials with high safety standards and corporate clients.  
The Morpho
Vivid by Morpho
Having launched during a time when safety concerns are paramount, advanced sanitation and hygiene guidelines, including leveraging BI technology, digitalized monitoring, curating a contactless journey, are part of the Morpho experience. 
Looking toward the future, the group also plans to acquire 15 more properties this year. We are looking at engaging our leisure units in a timeshare business. Also tying-up with luxury spas, adventure and guest engagement companies as we continue to work on franchise and management modules.”
Says Morpho Group CEO, “What is important to remember is that luxury brands are based on stories and heritage. Companies that can figure out how to offer experiences instead of services, will be leading the way.
Mr Dipinder Benjamin, CEO- Morpho Hotels
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