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February 27, 2024

Mumbai, you can’t miss this. The yummiest, exotic meal bowls and subscription boxes

Pratishtha Rana
Those exotic fruit platters, luscious smoothie bowls and savoury bowls that you always spot on your Instagram feeds are popular for a reason (or two). First, of course, they are fuss-free food options and instantly fill you up with the much-needed dose of nutrients, proteins and fibres. Second, they are a visual treat.
Here, we round up the best places that home deliver healthy and aesthetic-looking fruit and breakfast bowls in Mumbai. You better bookmark it for your me(al) time tomorrow!
Blends & Bowls
Launched in May 2021, Blends & Bowls by Pooja Bhansali offers a delightful assortment of açaí bowls, smoothies and smoothie bowls. Perfect for post-workout or evening snack, one can choose from Arabian Delight Smoothie Bowl (with dates, figs, nuts and bananas), The Sun Seeker (with pineapple, banana, coconut milk and a touch of ginger, cinnamon, honey), Banana Berry Bliss smoothie bowl (with greek yoghurt, honey, banana, strawberry and blueberries) and season’s favourite Mango smoothie bowl.
Blends and Bowls
Blends and Bowls
Plucked from farms and delivered directly to your doorsteps – Berrika is what healthy dreams are made of. An online venture by restaurateur Kishor Bajaj’s son Krysh Bajaj, one will find a variety of exotic fruits, veggies, nuts, cheese and more at Berrika.
Its breakfast boxes are packed with Pineberries, Strawberries, Florida Orange Juice, Red pears, Peaches, Black Figs, Cheese Fondue and chocolate. The whole month of June, Berrika also did a Thailand-special box filled with fresh finds like longans, mangosteens and dragon fruits.
Candy & Green
Nutritious and every bit scrumptious, Candy & Green brings to your table a joyful spread of superfood bowls, including The Satay Paneer bowl high in protein, Poke bowls made for the vegans, gluten-free Burrito bowls and Falafel bowls that are low on calories.
Candy and Green Mumbai
Satay Paneer bowl, Candy & Green
Café by Foodhall
A dollop of nutrients and a whole load of natural colours of the fruits and nuts, the Mango Smoothie Bowl by Foodhall is a new arrival on their menu. A fulfilling breakfast or even a late brunch, the bowl is topped up with house-made granola, kiwi, pomegranate kernels, raw honey and fresh mint.
Cafe by Foodhall
Mango Smoothie bowl, Cafe by Foodhall
An innovative cloud kitchen by Aditya Bafna that also has interesting meal subscription options, Nutridock makes living a healthy lifestyle easier than easy. Their range of vegetarian and fruit-based dishes feature rice bowls, salad platters, sandwiches, smoothies, juices and fancy smoothie bowls loaded with nuts, berries, whey protein, coconut milk and more.
While their menu keeps changing every three months, the generous dose of nutrition remains high as always.
Chocolate Protein Smoothie Bowl Nutridock
Chocolate Protein Smoothie Bowl Nutridock
JW Marriott Juhu x Marriott Bonvoy On Wheels
JW Marriott Juhu’s premier patisserie-deli, Bombay Baking Company, is set to introduce an all-new menu for the monsoon season. Starting from July 01, one can get their hearty and healthy breakfasts and meals, including Acai bowls, Granola Yogurt Parfait and Omega bowls, delivered straight to home via Marriott Bonvoy on Wheels.
Omega Bowl- Marriott Juhu
Omega Bowl, Marriott Juhu
Lighthouse Café
Amongst a huge spread of delicious dishes at Lighthouse café, one bestseller is their Buddha Bowls, laced up in four lip-smacking dressings. A great mix of antioxdiants, fibers and proteins, the bowl consists of avocado, cucumber, kale, edamame, corn, quinoa, chickpeas, iceberg and sweet potato.
For representation only
If you love everything that looks and tastes like yummy berries, then you must turn attention to Yogisattva, Mumbai’s popular farm-to-fork eatery, often visited by health-conscious celebrities as well. Their pink-hued Berry Blast Chia Pudding is a wholesome breakfast or even a quick lunch when you need a pick me up on a busy weekday.
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