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July 23, 2024

Mumbai’s very first PS5 dedicated gaming lounge

Schenelle Dsouza
From bowling alleys to arcades, finding a thrilling gaming space in a city like Mumbai is no tough feat. But have you ever heard of a luxury gaming lounge dedicated to PS5? That’s what the new Olympus Gaming Lounge in Bandra is all about. Olympus presents a fresh new approach to gaming lounges in the city, whilst offering an experience like no other. And lucky for us, we had the chance to experience the world of gaming through the lens of Olympus.
A Gamer’s Den
Located in the heart of Bandra, in the busy lanes of Linking Road, Olympus can be difficult to navigate, but that is the whole concept behind the gaming lounge. It is hidden in the basement of a building, like a secret, member’s-only club with a passcode at the door, that makes you feel like you’re stepping into another world. And the dim neon lights confirm that feeling!
Christened the “Zeus Lounge”, the walls of Olympus are decorated an artsy mural depicting drawings of gods from the Greek mythology as well as the legendary Mount Olympus. The layout of the room is fairly clean and open. There are multiple 43” 4K HD LED televisions lined up along the four corners of the room along with as many as 16 PS5 gaming consoles available. Each television has a duo of cosy bean bag recliners and footstools. A long community table sits in the centre of the room with a bigger LED tv towards the very end, which is perfect for networking with other gamers and watching FIFA screenings.
Games On Play


Photo courtesy: The Olympus Gaming Lounge in Mumbai
Gamers will be spoilt for choice at Olympus. The lounge offers an impressive lineup of games including FIFA ‘23, Mortal Kombat 11, WWE 2K23, Tennis, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, Hogwarts Legacy, and God of War to name a few. Guests can play in teams of two or a group of four, with varying prices for each. Moreover, the lounge will be open for 48 hours over the weekends, allowing gamers to have an immersive, uninterrupted gaming experience. But that’s not all. While talking about the offerings and the experiences at Olympus, co-founder Avirat Kampani shared that the lounge plans to host a number of large-scale gaming tournaments every couple of months, with a cash prize for the winners.
In addition to the gaming tournaments, Olympus will also be streaming live games ranging from football and cricket to formula 1 in addition to screening of popular movies and series such as Marvel and DC, Star Wars, Harry Potter and more.
Talking about Olympus, co-founder Avirat Kampani expressed his excitement about the launch, “Olympus was born out of a passion for gaming and the aspiration to create a gaming lounge that stands out. Drawing inspiration from Greek mythology, Olympus Gaming aims to create an environment that motivates gamers to push their boundaries, unlock their potential, and become legends in the gaming world. The Zeus Lounge in Bandra is just the starting point of their journey to redefine the gaming lounge experience.”
Address: Upper Basement Link Corner Mall, 24th road and 33rd road corner Bandra (Near Starbucks Linking Road), Mumbai – 400050

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