Mystic Farm and Distillery’s $75,000 whisky to be aged in outer space

Schenelle Dsouza 
North Carolina whiskey producer Mystic Farm and Distillery is all set to release a bourbon that is out of this world! We mean literally. Mystic Galactic Burbon will be the world’s first-ever spirit to be aged in outer space. The Durham-based distillery announced the selection of an orbiter vendor.
Mystic Founder Jonathan Blitz said in a statement, “While there are several companies in the sector who were willing to provide us with launch services, we are excited to announce that we are beginning the contracting process with TEC, whose Nyx orbiter has the ideal payload capability for our mission. We were impressed with TEC’s ability to accommodate 10 full 53-gallon barrels, and they were also willing to provide us with exclusive use of their orbiter for the full year we require for the orbital ageing process.”
Mystic Galactic
Photo Courtesy: Mystic Galactic
Made from 55 per cent corn and 45 per cent wheat, the bourbon is currently being aged in 53-gallon new charred oak barrels. The oak barrels were designed specifically for space fortified with titanium hoops while the inside of the barrels will be fitted with stainless-steel baffles to prevent sloshing.
 “We were pretty surprised when we realized that normal angel’s share losses could leave enough room in the barrels to create a dangerous level of sloshing and instability upon re-entry. If a spacecraft starts moving around unpredictably, you could experience a total mission failure.”
The Mystic Galactic Bourbon is limited to 1,500 bottles with 1,000 bottles entering a pre-sale last week, priced at US $75,000 each. However, it’ll be at least four years before buyers get to taste this exemplary bourbon.

The bourbon will age for at least four years, the first three being here on Earth, and the fourth in orbit around Earth. Each 750-millilitre bottle will be packed in an aluminium flight case and joined by a 50-millilitre sample and a piece of one of the barrels that aged in orbit.

Mystic Galactic
Photo Courtesy: Mystic Galactic

Mystic partnered with the West Virginia Great Barrel Company to modify barrels for the journey. “It’s just incredible to see barrel making, one of the oldest technologies in the world, creating a state-of-the-art barrel fit for spaceflight. The combination of classic techniques like pot distillation and oak barrel aging with our most cutting-edge endeavours in the exploration and habitation of space is just one amazing aspect of this project.” Blitz added.

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