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June 19, 2024

New liquor launches to enjoy this festive season

Jade Crasto
The festive season is only a few days away and we can’t wait to enjoy some delicious food and gorge on A LOT of mithai. As people plan their Diwali parties or get-togethers, the one thing at the top of the grocery list (for most people) is alcohol. And the best way to get into the festive spirit is of course with some delicious spirits. But don’t stick to the same old bottle of jack and explore something new. We’ve found and picked out some of the best new liquors that have recently launched for you to celebrate this festive season.
Tenjaku Japanese Whiskey
Photo Courtesy: Tenjaku
Tenjaku is made with corn and barley and aged in American white oak bourbon barrels. The Japanese characters you can spot on the label translate to “Hibari”, more commonly known as the skylark. It leaves behind the notes of Tinned pears on the palate, with banana bread and thick custard. It has two variants in whiskey which are Pure Single Malt and Blended. The Pure Malt is rich and Polished, with a slightly bitter & soft taste whereas the blended tenjaku is crisp and mild with a light mellow flavor note.
ABV – 40%
Price – INR 2890 onwards
Available –
Malhar Indian Craft Gin
Photo Courtesy: Malhar Gin
John Distilleries has forayed into the gin space with Malhar Indian Craft Gin. The origin of its name comes from the soulful raga of Malhar that has the power to bring rain. And Malhar Indian Craft Gin is an ode to the Indian monsoon that yields fruits and botanicals. The gin is available in two variants: The Malhar Classic Dry Gin and The Malhar Citrus. The former is a clear, juniper-forward gin that consists of 15 botanicals. Expect an aroma of rich herbs, soft florals, and peppery spice on the nose and fruity, sweet, and spicy notes on the palate. The latter is a citrus-forward gin (as the name suggests) infused with 11 botanicals with the Indian lime being the strongest ingredient. While it is refreshing and zesty, it also has hints of hibiscus and angelica. Both are currently available in Goa but will expand to other states soon.
Price – INR 3,075 for 750ml and INR 205 for 50ml
Grover Zampa Vineyards- Signet
Photo Courtesy: Grover Zampa Vineyard
Indian pioneer and the most awarded wine producer, Grover Zampa Vineyards launched their signature wine collection, SIGNET offering five varietals of red. Signet is India’s first wine range to be aged in foudres, amphoras, and concrete tanks and is one of the most premium wines of the country. Signet reveals the most delicate aromas of single-vineyard hand-picked Shiraz, estate bottled and their variation with different ageing techniques. All wines are unfiltered to retain their natural mouthfeel and represent the five maturation processes used to create the range which is the expression of Grover Zampa’s finest craftsmanship.
Short Story
Photo Courtesy: Short Story
With so many homegrown alcohol labels focusing on the ingredients and place of origin, this new brand wants to cut through that noise and let its spirits do all the talking. Launched by Third Eye Distillery, the same company behind Stranger & Sons, Short Story brings three go-to spirits to you–a classic London dry gin with a juniper backbone, a triple distilled, charcoal-filtered grain vodka, and an Indo-Caribbean white rum.
Price: Short Story in Maharashtra, is available at the following prices:
Vodka: INR 1,650;
Gin: INR 1,850; and Rum: INR 1,950.
However, all three bottles can be purchased in Karnataka for INR 1,950 and in Goa for INR 1,050 respectively.
Choya Japanese Liqueur
Photo Courtesy: Choya
The CHOYA Fruit Liqueur which is known for producing the finest Umeshu (ume liqueur) in the world,  is the true and authentic taste of modern Japan beautifully balanced sweet & tart taste of the ume fruit with notes of almond from the ume pit. It currently has four variants The Choya Single Year, The Choya Extra Years, The Choya Extra Shiso, and The Choya Royal Honey. The Single year is a special blend that is crispier than the regular Ume Liqueur it leaves behind an elegant fragrant aroma of ume fruit that fills your mouth. The Choya Extra Years displays an initial rich sweetness with notes of almond and marzipan which is elegantly balanced. The Choya Extra Shiso retains pleasantly bitter herbaceous motes of red shiso leaves and The Choya Royal Honey consist of mild sweetness and a pleasant honey aroma.
ABV – 17%
Price – INR 3500 onwards
Ashanti Spiced Rum
Photo Courtesy: Ashanti
A new rum in town has been launched named ASHANTI made with fermented sugarcane honey and aged in a solera system in Guatemala and is spiced using a perfect blend of Jamaican Hibiscus flower and ginger locally produced and sourced from West Bengal. Guatemala is known for its landscape and the quality of its sugar cane and is notable for its use of fermented “sugarcane honey”, a thick, amber syrup obtained from the first stage of sugarcane pressing: virgin sugar cane. Aged 2,600m above sea level, this is where Ashanti takes its source, on the foothills of the mountain of Quetzaltenango. Ashanti Rum takes its flavours from the Jamaican hibiscus flower that brings freshness tinged with menthol and meanwhile the ginger from the roots of India gives it a character to the blend and a spicy finish with citric accents.
Price – INR 3450
Available with –
Glenmorangie India
Photo Courtesy: Glenmorangie
Moet Hennessy India has collaborated with a local Indian artist to create a limited-edition festive pack for their globally loved Single Malt brand – Glenmorangie, to elevate the overall consumer experience this festive season. The new pack designed by Aniruddh Mehta, better known as The Big Fat Minimalist, draws inspiration from traditional celebratory elements including lanterns, flowers, décor, etc. These festive packs, available only in India, bring forth Glenmorangie’s delicious and wonderful world through the Mandala-inspired designs of India. This is the first time ever that Glenmorangie has collaborated with a local Indian artist to create a limited-edition pack that elevates the consumer experience and makes way for wondrous celebrations. The design gives a novel feel to the overall packaging of the malt with its combination of organic and geometric renditions of traditional Indian elements in an abstract, artistic articulation. The traditional Indian elements present on the pack evoke a sense of nostalgia for Glenmorangie’s consumers.
Price: Limited Edition: INR 4971 (Delhi) and INR 5990 (Mumbai)
Availability: Available pan India including New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore amongst other cities.
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