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April 15, 2024

Image Courtesy: ORRA Fine Jewellery

Not just diamonds: Heritage jewellery makes a comeback

In the grand tapestry of Indian weddings, the allure of diamonds has long held a place of reverence, casting a spell that transcends time and tradition. Sparkling like stars in the night sky, diamonds have been the quintessential symbol of eternal love, luxury, and commitment. From intricate diamond-studded bridal sets to dazzling solitaires that reflect the promise of a lifetime, these precious gems have become inseparable from the sacred vows exchanged under the vibrant hues of the Indian wedding canopy. Additionally, even lab-grown diamonds have seamlessly integrated into the world of natural diamonds, broadening the offerings of renowned jewellery brands. Yet, as the sun sets on conventional norms, a new dawn emerges, heralding an era of choice and individuality. It’s time to rewrite the narrative, exploring alternatives that resonate with the modern bride and groom—those who seek not just sparkle, but a story, not just tradition, but a touch of trend. From the fiery brilliance of rubies to the regal elegance of sapphires, and the ethereal glow of pearls, let us explore the myriad possibilities that await those daring enough to embark on a non-traditional quest for their symbol of forever.

Welcome to a realm where tradition gracefully waltzes with the latest trends, and wedding joy harmonises with a symphony of sparkle and style. As we unlock the treasure trove of non-diamond wedding jewellery, bid farewell to the expected and let us escort you through a domain where rings, necklaces, and earrings spin tales of daring elegance and bold romance. 

Dazzling alternatives to diamond

Imagine a world where your bling isn’t just carbon-based but boasts the cosmic charm of moissanite, sparkling like a distant star on your finger. Whether you’re more of a rebel and prefer the bold, fiery allure of rubies, giving your jewellery collection a passionate pop of colour or an eco-conscious bride considering sapphires and emeralds, the market is now a treasure trove of options that go beyond the traditional sparkle, offering a symphony of hues and textures that make diamonds seem like yesterday’s news. So, why settle for a girl’s best friend when you can have a whole squad of gemstone companions? 

Talking about the same, Pallavi Sharma, the Business Director of Platinum Guild International (PGI) – India revealed how couples are alternatively resorting to Platinum Love Bands to seize their love for their significant others. She states, “In today’s world, where every moment is treasured for its uniqueness and specialness, couples are increasingly seeking meaningful and expressive ways to commemorate their commitment to each other. This quest often leads them to embrace personalised elements in their wedding jewellery, with Platinum Love Bands emerging as a particularly appealing choice. These bands, inspired by romantic narratives and celestial themes, not only symbolise the rarity, purity, and lasting nature of a couple’s bond but also put a spotlight on platinum’s exceptional attributes. Platinum’s density ensures an extraordinarily secure grip on diamonds and gemstones, making it an exemplary material for these significant symbols of love.

Image Courtesy: PGI

“The allure of non-diamond jewellery is also on the rise, appealing to those who yearn for unique and distinctive pieces. This trend encompasses a variety of coloured gemstones, such as tourmalines and sapphires, known for their distinctive colour palettes and unusual stone settings. The uniqueness of these pieces is further enhanced by vintage details, one-of-a-kind engravings, blends of different metals, enamel accents, raw and rough-cut stones, as well as nature-inspired designs. Moreover, the trend of personalised inscriptions remains strong, allowing couples to infuse their jewellery with deeply personal and intimate touches.”

Agreeing to the aforementioned, Mr. Dipu Mehta, Managing Director of ORRA FINE JEWELLERY revealed the IT colour combination in trend. She says, “Jewellery materials with rose gold and white gold undertones are rapidly gaining popularity, with platinum also making a discreet appearance in various wedding ceremonies.”

Advice to couples for jewellery shopping!

No matter how much we love bling shopping, let’s admit it, it can break one’s bank easily. Pallavi Sharma, the Business Director of Platinum Guild International (PGI) – India talks about the importance of purchasing versatile jewellery that can stand the test of time and be flexible enough to complement each attire you wear. She states, “Platinum, 30 times rarer than gold, inherently embodies uniqueness. Its designs are crafted based on international trends, allowing for a versatile mix of textured pieces, gemstones, and elegant solitaires that resonate with global influences. Choosing jewellery in bespoke designs becomes much simpler with platinum than with diamonds, which often adhere to more traditional styles. The flexibility to mix and match pieces, combine different elements, and experiment with bold choices enables the creation of a diverse and dynamic jewellery collection.” Pallavi also shares that the latest collection of Platinum Love Bands can beautifully complement a variety of events and fusion attires during weddings, adding a distinctive touch to each occasion.

Image Courtesy: PGI

Adding to this, Mr. Dipu Mehta, Managing Director of ORRA FINE JEWELLERY advises couples to invest in jewellery pieces that resonate with their personalities in the longer run, instead of just being appropriate for a day. “We would recommend incorporating current trends with a focus on expressing your personal style. Wedding jewellery should resonate with individual tastes and complement the overall bridal ensemble. Select versatile designs that can be worn on various events beyond the wedding day. This ensures that your investment in jewellery continues to be cherished beyond special occasions. Explore reputed designers and brands known for their artisanry and legacy.”

The rise of non-diamond jewellery in weddings

Image Courtesy: ORRA Fine Jewellery

“Weddings have transformed into a series of events, celebrating the union of families, and marking a shift towards more personal, couple-centric celebrations. This evolution has put the bride and groom in control of their wedding’s narrative, veering away from strictly traditional approaches. As a result, there is a burgeoning need for jewellery that is as versatile as the myriad of events themselves, able to complement both secondary celebrations and fusion attire,” says Pallavi Sharma, the Business Director of Platinum Guild International (PGI) – India. She also mentions how platinum stands out as an especially suitable option in this scenario, owing to its versatility and resilience. “Crafted in 95% pure platinum, Platinum Love Bands have emerged as an ideal choice for couples who are seeking to mark and celebrate key milestones in their relationship journey. Platinum’s subtle yet distinct lustre enhances both coloured stones and alternative materials, lending a sophisticated touch to more playful and expressive pieces.”

The ever-evolving future of wedding jewellery

In the constantly changing realm of wedding bling, where trends vanish quicker than a bouquet at a catch, certain designs are eternal stunners, forever ready to stay and slay the style game! The future of jewellery design is shaping up to be diverse and inclusive, reflecting a growing desire for personal expression and meaningful storytelling. Pallavi Sharma, the Business Director of Platinum Guild International (PGI) – India shares insights on how the future of jewellery might also witness innovations like 3D printing, that will enable more intricate and personalised designs, enhancing customisation and creative possibilities. She adds, “In a fascinating twist of fate, the art of storytelling through symbols is set to endure in the times ahead. Employing symbolic designs will enrich the narrative of every piece, enabling wearers to convey personal stories and cherished values. We can also witness the integration of wearable technology into jewellery that will combine aesthetics with functionality, such as health monitoring or communication features.A resurgence of traditional jewellery-making methods will add heritage and craftsmanship to modern designs.”

Mr. Dipu Mehta, Managing Director of ORRA FINE JEWELLERY, offers couples an exclusive glimpse into the designs and trends set to reign supreme in the upcoming wedding season. “Jewellery designers draw inspiration from various cultures and traditions to create unique pieces that reflect the diversity and unity of our incredible country. From ethnic motifs like panchalada haar and rani haar, to the use of local materials, this trend continues to be evergreen. The popularity of mixing different metals, such as rose gold, white gold, and platinum, is likely to persist. It allows for versatility, matching jewellery with various fashion styles and colours.”

Real-life couples look beyond diamonds

Celebrities are rewriting the script of Hollywood glamour when it comes to wedding jewellery, making non-diamond choices the new red carpet trend. From vibrant sapphires stealing the spotlight to the cosmic allure of moissanite, A-listers are embracing unique and unconventional pieces that defy tradition. However, the beautifully crafted platinum jewellery remains a favourite for many, including royalty and legendary jewellery houses like Fabergé, Cartier, and Harry Winston. “Platinum’s durability enables the jewellery to stand the test of time and become archival jewels passed down from generations to generations, thus perpetuating Its enduring appeal as the metal of choice extends to modern-day royalty and celebrities. Celebrity Couples including Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Natalie Portman, and Kirsten Stewart have all chosen engagement rings set in platinum as their symbol of commitment This preference underscores platinum’s unique blend of timeless beauty and enduring strength, making it the ideal choice to represent the depth of their bonds,” shares Pallavi Sharma, the Business Director of Platinum Guild International (PGI) – India.

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