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April 15, 2024

Image Courtesy: Titan

In conversation with Titan’s CDO Revathi Kant on jewellery trends in 2024!

By Anushka Manik

 India’s enduring connection with jewellery spans centuries, showcasing a timeless relationship. As contemporary trends embrace sorbet tones, regal gemstones, and innovative designs, the Indian jewellery landscape is experiencing a resurgence. In an engaging discussion, we sat down with Titan’s Chief Design Officer, Ms. Revathi Kant, to delve into the latest jewellery trends, the personalised preferences of marrying couples, and Titan’s strategies for maintaining its competitive edge in the market.

The ever evolving trends

In a world where space travel captures our collective imagination, Ms. Revathi predicts a celestial shift in jewellery trends for 2024. “Drawing inspiration from the cosmos, expect to see designs that reflect the stars and galaxies. But it’s not just about reaching for the stars – this year is all about grounding ourselves in conscious holistic wellness and wanderlust. From sun-sign inspired jewels to versatile silhouettes and charming motifs inspired by cultures worldwide, the stage is set for an out-of-this-world style revolution. And of course, statement pieces like chunky cuffs, creepers, and hoops are set to shine brighter than ever!”

Rising demands for Gemstones

Witnessing how gemstones are stealing the spotlight in the ever-evolving landscape of jewellery design we also discussed the surge in demand for gemstones and its impact on the market with Ms. Kant. “While gold remains a cornerstone of our designs, we’ve noticed a growing interest in gemstones, particularly among discerning consumers seeking uniqueness. Introducing Tanishq’s innovative nano faceted solitaire, ‘the Cellist,’ we’re witnessing a shift towards investing in rare and precious pieces. With rubies and sapphires set to dominate the conversation in 2024, much like the previous year, it’s clear that gemstones are poised to reign supreme. In the realm of materials, platinum continues to shine bright and hold its own.”

Image Courtesy: Pexels

It’s a sustainable world

Addressing the growing imperative for sustainability in today’s world and Titan’s proactive approach to this crucial issue in its jewellery redesigns, Ms. Revathi Kant elaborates on the brand’s efforts. “In our portfolio brand, Mia, all the gold we utilise is recycled, setting a pioneering standard. Moving forward, we’re transitioning to recycled diamonds, significantly reducing our reliance on newly mined stones.”

She continues, “Sustainability is paramount for us, especially with brands like Mia appealing to a younger, more environmentally conscious audience. From a broader perspective, Titan is committed to various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), notably focusing on water conservation. Our aim is to achieve water neutrality and positivity in the foreseeable future.”

Detailing Titan’s initiatives, she adds, “We’ve implemented measures like establishing a working forest within our factory premises and investing in extensive rainwater storage. Additionally, we prioritise the use of recycled water in our operations. Moreover, we’re actively involved in rejuvenating local water bodies, exemplified by our efforts in maintaining and revitalising the Byrasandra Lake adjacent to our corporate office.”

Image Courtesy: Titan

The customisation needs of the modern bride

Titan understands the significance of wedding jewellery, catering to the diverse preferences of couples. “With weddings being a major industry in India, customising jewellery has become a standard practice. Through our brand Rivaah at Tanishq, we offer specialised products tailored to specific cultural and community requirements. Whether you’re a Marathi or Tamilian bride, Tanishq ensures there’s something unique for everyone. We prioritise creating personalised pieces, whether it’s altering sizes or incorporating specific colours, ensuring the modern bride receives jewellery that speaks to their individuality in a hundred languages”, quotes Ms. Revathi Kant.

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