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June 14, 2024

Nykaa Brands CEO, Reena Chhabra, explains the merits of co-launching beauty brands with Katrina Kaif and Masaba Gupta

Riddhi Doshi

The Indian beauty world is not new to celebrity endorsements. From Deepika Padukone to Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit, the divas have always headlined major beauty brands’ advertising campaigns.
The promotion strategy has now become more interesting – co-launching a brand with a celebrity. And this trend also embraced designers. On January 22, MyGlamm launched Manish Malhotra Haute Couture Makeup: 2020 Celebration Edit. Last year, Manish Arora made a special box for Kama Ayurveda and around the same time Masaba Gupta created a Masaba by Nykaa range for the beauty giant.
Even Katrina Kaif and Lara Dutta ventured into the beauty business last year; Kaif with Kay Beauty, a line of kajal and lipsticks with Nykaa. Dutta launched beauty and skincare brand Arias with Scentials Beautycare and Wellness.
Reena Chhabra, CEO, Nykaa Brands, discusses the merits of collaborations such as these by elaborating on Nykaa’s association with Katrina Kaif and Masaba Gupta.
Reena Chhabra, CEO, Nykaa Brands
Reena Chhabra, CEO, Nykaa Brands
Why did Nykaa collaborate with Katrina Kaif and Masaba Gupta?
Katrina and Masaba are trailblazers in their fields and created a unique identity for themselves.
Masaba bought her creative expertise to the table, using her signature prints on the packaging and choosing a versatile colour palette that suits
all Indian skin tones. Katrina, the face of many brands, was looking to launch her beauty line, and we partnered with her. She brings in her knowledge of makeup and we bring in our retail expertise. Kay Beauty is India’s first celebrity beauty brand that offers high performing, professional and ultraglamorous products that also cares for the skin.
Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif
How do you choose your collaborators?
In Katrina and Masaba’s case, a bigger factor of consideration than their professions were their personalities. Masaba is a firebrand and has achieved a credible mind space in the market. She channeled all her quirks into the products.
Whereas Katrina personifies glamour. Seeing her passion, care and commitment to each product was a special experience.
Masaba Gupta
Masaba Gupta
How do collaborations help a brand and a celebrity?
Collaborations help the brand and the celebrity cross-pollinate their attributes, and, in turn, help customers discover established brands in a new way or see brands from a more democratic perspective. Such partnerships have helped Nykaa affirm a new definition of ownership and creative control, expand the product universe, find diverse audiences, create hype, increase recall value and build brand loyalty. It has helped us transition from a traditional business model and attract a diverse millennial customer base.
Masaba X Nykaa products
Masaba X Nykaa
How did you select the products under each line?
The products of each line are inspired, to a great extent, by the individuality of each of the personalities. Before associating with a celebrity, various factors are considered and the most crucial among them is the celeb’s personality fit with the product. For instance, Masaba fits in perfectly in the lips and tips category. Her fashion label’s prints and colours effortlessly attribute her makeup line.
Kay Beauty is a high glamour brand that also focuses on skincare, which is apt for Katrina. As an actor, she always needs to have makeup on, yet have luminous skin. Her experience at long shoots, incessant makeup touch-ups, made Katrina wonder if she could create a makeup product that was long-lasting, looked ultra-glam, but at the same time cared for the skin. Thus, was born #MakeupThatKares; each product has a specific ‘care’ ingredient that nourishes the skin.
Kay Beauty products
Kay Beauty products
Are any more collaborations in the pipeline?
Right now, we are focused on building and expanding our brands. We have an exciting lineup for 2020. For Masaba by Nykaa, we will soon be launching another category. For Kay Beauty, we will continue to grow the portfolio, and every month add something exciting.



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