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April 15, 2024

Image Courtesy: 82’E

Our favourite beauty launches for February

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like January zoomed by faster than a rocket? Well, as we’re still getting accustomed to the ‘New Year, New Me’ mantra and striving to accomplish our goals for the year, the beauty world treated us to a blissful month filled with great releases. Read on for a roundup of all the potential new additions that deserve a place in your beauty arsenal this year. 

Body Care Range by 82°E

Image Courtesy: 82’E

Diving deeper into the realm of personal care, Deepika Padukone’s 82°E has just introduced its latest Body Care range, extending its science-backed formulations and holistic self-care philosophy to another essential facet of daily life. Building on 82°E’s well-established Cleanse-Hydrate-Protect routine, this innovative category introduces four distinct products: Gel Body Cleanser with Apple and Panthenol, Body Milk SPF 20 PA ++ with Coconut and Ceramides, Crème Body Cleanser with Moringa and Panthenol, and Body Lotion SPF 20 PA++ with Saffron and Ceramides.

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Paula’s Choice Niacinamide 20% Treatment

Image Courtesy: Paula’s Choice

The newest launch from a brand that needs no introduction, this highly concentrated niacinamide (vitamin B3) serum is meticulously designed to tighten and minimise the appearance of sagging pores and rough bumps caused by age or sun damage. Additionally, it visibly improves blotchy tone and fades post-blemish marks, leaving your skin with a renewed, youthful radiance. 

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Clinique High-Fi Mascara

Image Courtesy: Clinique

Clinique’s newly launched High Impact High-Fi Mascara is the perfect match for your loudest lash look. This ultra-pigmented, fibre-infused product amps up lashes for 230% more volume instantly, delivering super saturated colour for high impact in one application and replacing your falsies in a heartbeat. 

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M.A.C Locked Kiss 24HR Lipstick

Image Courtesy: MAC

Achieve the flawless pout with the M.A.C Locked Kiss 24HR Lipstick, which elevates your lip game with its richly pigmented formula, delivering vibrant and striking colour effortlessly in just one stroke. What sets this lippie apart is its transfer-proof and long-lasting formula that withstands the test of time, while also infusing the goodness of passion fruit oil into your lips. The ultra-precise slim stick ensures precise application, dousing your lips in full coverage for an alluring finish. 

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Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (Chocolate)

Image Courtesy: Too Faced

When it comes to winning the lash game, Too Faced’s Better Than Sex is one of the few mascaras in the beauty market that understands the assignment. Taking the experience up a notch, the brand has unveiled its iconic product in a luxurious chocolate hue, ensuring defined, intense, and multidimensional lashes with every application.

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Lovechild Masaba Pore Proof Mattifying Primer

Image Courtesy: Love Child by MASABA

Crafted for a velvety-smooth and mattifying effect, this LoveChild primer is designed to seamlessly blur the appearance of pores, fine lines, and various skin imperfections, leaving your skin with a soft-focus, smooth finish. Formulated with 98% natural ingredients, it suits all skin types and can be applied alone or as a base under makeup for a flawless look.

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SoulTree Mystical Manjula Harmonising Body Care Gift Box

Image Courtesy: SoulTree

Cult-fave skin and body care brand, SoulTree recently unveiled Soumya Rasa, its exquisite Ayurvedic Body Care range, which comprises of three collections, in the divine essences of Malatii, Mystical Manjula, and Nerolii. The luxurious Soumya Rasa range seamlessly weaves together decadence and ancient wisdom where each product in this collection is a sensorial masterpiece. This range comprises of Face & Body Mists, Shower Gels & Body Lotions, embracing the transformative power of aromatherapy.

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Laneige Cream Skin Cerapeptide

Image Courtesy: Laneige

Laneige has recently unveiled their 2-in-1 Cream Skin Cerapeptide Toner and Moisturizer, blending the soothing richness of a milky cream with the refreshing essence of a toner. Now conveniently offered in a refillable pouch, this innovative formula is enriched with nourishing ceramides and peptides to deliver unparalleled radiance and deep hydration to your skin. Crafted as an ultra-light cream, it seamlessly merges the benefits of a toner and moisturizer for effortless skincare.

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Swiss Beauty Holographic Eyeliners

Image Courtesy: Swiss Beauty

If you adore a touch of drama in your eye makeup routine, then this Holographic eyeliner is an absolute must-have in your vanity for achieving a striking eye look in under a minute. Offering a spectrum of six vibrant shades, its highly pigmented formula and mesmerising colour-changing effect ensure a quick and effortless transformation. 

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Type Beauty Set Me Up Fixing Spray

Image Courtesy: TYPE Beauty

Looking for the IT makeup fixer to give your makeup a heavenly touch? Your search ends as Type Beauty Inc just introduced a trio of Set Me Up makeup fixing sprays, each offering unique benefits—Hydrating, Brightening, and Mattifying. These lightweight mists serve as versatile essentials, suitable for both prepping your bare skin and setting your makeup, ensuring a flawless look that lasts up to 12 hours. What’s more, they’re enriched with Korean sunscreen filters, delivering SPF 35 sun protection for an added layer of care. 

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Praush Pout Cushion Luxe Lip Oils

Image Courtesy: Praush

In the midst of chilly winters, the go-to hack to prevent chapped lips is using an array of lip balms and oils. However, what if I told you that Praush’s lip oils not only keep your lips moisturised but also impart a rosy red tint? Enter the revolutionary Lip Oil, featuring an innovative colour-changing pH-sensitive technology. Within moments of application, it transforms into a beautiful pink hue, adapting to the natural pH of your lips and lingers for up to 10 hours, ensuring your lips stay both nourished and effortlessly stylish. 

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La Mior Peptide Glaze Lip Balms

Image Courtesy: La Mior

Available in six irresistible combos, these peptide-infused lip balms are undoubtedly among the best I’ve experienced recently. Whether it’s restoring the natural shine of your lips, addressing hyperpigmentation, or the sleek steel applicator, this gem unquestionably deserves a prime spot in your beauty collection. 

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Milk Shake 12 Effects Incredible Milk

Image Courtesy: Milk Shake

True to its name, this leave-in spray mask hair treatment offers intensive care with twelve distinct actions. From shielding hair against UV rays to repairing all hair types, preserving color, and safeguarding against heat damage, it excels in enhancing body and volume, among other benefits. Enriched with unique active ingredients such as milk proteins, Muru Muru butter, and Glycolic fruit extracts, this mask provides robust supplementation and protective properties, strengthening hair structure and imparting resilience. A 10/10!

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ITC Dermafique Shower Mousse

Image Courtesy: ITC Dermafique

Foraying into shower care category, ITC Dermafique just launched their Shower Mousse in two fragrant variants – Dermafique HydraSoft, which is filled with the goodness of Chamomile and Vitamin E, and Dermafique Aqua Cloud which includes seaweed extracts and Hyaluronic acid. Infused with a unique natural moisturising factor technology and adhering to clean beauty standards with no parabens and sulphates, your skin will thank you for incorporating this gem in your shower routine.

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Box of Love by The Skin Diet Company

Image Courtesy: The Skin Diet Company

One of our fave skincare brands on the block, The Skin Diet Company celebrated the month of love by launching a gift set, containing a trio of their best selling travel size superfood goodies- the watermelon face wash, avocado serum, and beetroot moisturiser. This is your cue to pamper yourself and your loved one this V-day.

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O3+ Snail 98 Mucin Essence 

Image Courtesy: O3+

When it comes to skin repairing process, Snail Mucin is the holy grail of it. This O3+ Snail 98 Mucin Essence comprises 98% skin-friendly snail secretion filtrate in a cloudy gelatinous texture that is effective at repairing damaged skin, shrinking pores, improving skin elasticity and maintaining hydration levels all day long. The best part? It cures hyperpigmentation too!

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Redken Color Extend Magnetics Range

Image Courtesy: Redken

Those with colored hair would relate that maintaining its vibrancy can be quite challenging. However, there’s good news! Redken has recently introduced its new Godsent color treatment range, featuring a sulfate-free shampoo and a nourishing deep attraction mask. The shampoo works wonders in preventing color fade and maintaining optimal pH levels, while the mask ensures irresistibly soft and smooth hair. Additionally, it strengthens hair fibers, provides intense moisture replenishment, and enhances overall hair health.

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Makeup Studio Pre Base

Image Courtesy: Makeup Studio

The key to a flawless makeup is a perfectly even base, and this hydrating Pre Base effortlessly achieves the coveted HD makeup look in mere seconds. Functioning as a transparent moisturiser, it goes beyond the ordinary with added Vitamin B and UV-B protection. This multitasking gem not only ensures optimal skin preparation for foundation application but also guarantees a smooth and durable finish.

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Truth & Hair Hydro Nourish Shampoos

Image Courtesy: Truth & Hair

Truth and Hair is the newest hair care brand on the block, offering specialized shampoos and conditioners tailored to meet the needs of every hair type. This gentle elixir, free from sulfates and parabens, is crafted with the dreamy combination of Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen, which helps penetrates deeply, sealing in moisture from roots to ends, leaving your strands thoroughly hydrated.

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Bayla Skin Avo-Barrier Strengthening Moisturiser

Image Courtesy: Bayla Skin

Infused with a harmonious blend of Avocado Extract, Ceramides, Sodium Hyaluronate, and Rice Extract, this moisturizer by Bayla Skin is dedicated to pampering your skin. Ceramides take center stage by sealing in the lost moisture, fortifying your skin’s protective barrier and  leaving it feeling velvety smooth, revitalized, and incredibly radiant.

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Neroli & Lavender balm deodorant by Raw Beauty

Image Courtesy: Raw Beauty

Crafted with natural ingredients, this Neroli & Lavender is a balm deodorant with Baking Soda that leaves a heavenly smell on your body, but no residue on your clothes. Pretty interesting, right?

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Age Defense serum by The Theory

Image Courtesy: The Theory

If you’re someone in your mid 20s, it’s high time to encapsulate Retinol and Squalane in your skincare regime, to slow down the signs of anti-ageing. Kickstart your journey with this Age Defense serum from a newly launched brand, designed to target firming, hydration, and evening out skin tone with its potent boosters. 

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