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April 16, 2024

Paradise in black and grey; inside a luxurious, Mumbai penthouse

Black is an unusual choice of colour for Indian homes. But Delhi-based interior designer Sanjyt Syngh thinks otherwise. He is tired of hearing that dark colours make a space look smaller. ‘A space can be dark and yet create the feeling of volume by using the right elements,” says Syngh.
Point in case, this penthouse.
Image courtesy: Deepak Aggarwal
This 18,000 sq ft. house in Bandra’s upscale Pali Hill is surrounded with tranquil seafront views that can be enjoyed from almost all sides of the house.
This family home is imagined as a single volumetric form where every little design detail and use of materials merge seamlessly with the house’s different spaces and light. The designer believes that the dark palette helps to shift the eye’s focus to the waterfront views, creating a mysterious but inviting mood for the abode.
Image courtesy: Deepak Aggarwal
Yes, the fusion of black and grey is the ongoing theme here, but every corner is also splashed with pops of vivid orange, yellow and red. With a concept to keep the spaces flowing without interruptions, Syngh used similar materials throughout the penthouse. The emphasis is on reflective surfaces.
Image courtesy: Deepak Aggarwal
The living room and the bedroom’s flooring is covered with blue pearl stone and the walls are draped with Mica flakes.
The entire bathroom, from the counters and the walls to the floor, has been given a rich finish of black onyx stone, which is enhanced by LED-lit, gigantic mirrors in the bathroom.
Image courtesy: Deepak Aggarwal
The massive walk-in wardrobe too uses the black onyx palette as its main theme, touched up with ceiling lights. This visual contrast of dark and light lends the space a very captivating vibe.
Image courtesy: Deepak Aggarwal
Pendant lights, wall sconces and lamps placed on console tables are added so as to balance the natural light coming in from all three sides of the home. The designer has also used hi-tech mechanisms like the television disappearing into the ceiling when not in use.
Image courtesy: Deepak Aggarwal
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