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June 20, 2024

Image from Range Rover

Range Rover House debuts in India at Alibaug

Range Rover House has made its grand debut on the stunning Konkan coast, specifically in the coastal town of Alibaug. This exclusive luxury villa offers clients a bespoke nautical experience, perfectly aligning with the brand’s ethos of modern luxury and refinement. For the first time, clients can immerse themselves in the rich heritage and innovative spirit of Range Rover within the serene backdrop of one of India’s most picturesque locales.

Image from Range Rover

India, as the first country outside the UK to manufacture the iconic Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, offers a unique blend of local craftsmanship and global luxury. Range Rover House stands as a testament to this achievement, an invite-only experience showcasing the brand’s vision of modern, sustainable luxury and design leadership. Since 2022, over 40 Range Rover Houses have run across over 20 countries in the world’s most desirable locations, from Sydney to Abu Dhabi, Whistler, California, and St Tropez. Now, this exclusive experience opens its doors in India. Each house—meticulously designed under the direction of Chief Creative Officer Professor Gerry McGovern OBE—embodies Range Rover’s luxurious, modernist, and relevant design philosophy while reflecting local and cultural trends and events.

Clients are greeted with a seamless blend of modernity and local flair, beginning with a luxurious yacht ride to the venue. This initial touchpoint sets the tone for a day filled with curated experiences that engage all the senses and rejuvenate the soul. Upon arrival, guests are introduced to the storied legacy of Range Rover. This immersive introduction takes place in a contemporary space that meticulously showcases the brand’s evolution from its inception to the present day, highlighting the timeless beauty and innovative milestones that have defined Range Rover and offering clients a deep appreciation of the brand’s rich heritage.

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At the heart of Range Rover House is the Bespoke Studio, where the brand’s commitment to reductive design and tailored finishes comes to life. Here, clients have the opportunity to personalize and commission their next Range Rover with the help of specialists from Special Vehicle Operations. This bespoke experience ensures that each vehicle is a unique embodiment of the client’s vision and preferences.

For those with a passion for design, the Design Studio offers an exclusive masterclass with Range Rover’s expert design team. Clients gain insights into the intricate process of curating luxury vehicles, from aesthetic considerations to the final touches. This hands-on experience includes the opportunity to sketch their own Range Rover, guided by the brand’s design philosophy.

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The Luxe Atelier, curated by SS Homme, a contemporary bespoke design house, provides clients with an insider’s perspective on the latest trends in luxury fashion. This session includes personalized consultations, allowing clients to refine their own fashion sensibilities with the guidance of some of India’s most elite designers.

At the Fragrance Lab, clients can indulge in the art of perfume making. Under the guidance of a master perfumer, they explore a symphony of fragrances crafted from ingredients sourced from their origins—Darjeeling tea, Kashmiri saffron, and Assam vetiver. This customized scent-making experience adds a deeply personal touch to the Range Rover House visit.

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Transitioning from the world of scents to the realm of holistic wellness, the Wellness Sanctuary offers a retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Facilitated by a leading sound therapist, clients can immerse themselves in sound and crystal healing sessions. This therapeutic experience aims to relax and rejuvenate, providing a sense of calm and tranquility that complements the luxury of Range Rover.

Following the peaceful retreat, clients can embark on an artisanal journey through fine spirits at the Tasting Vault. Here, guests enjoy expertly curated Scotch and Tequila pairings with artisanal chocolates and cheeses. This sophisticated and refined tasting experience delights the palate and provides a harmonious end to the day’s sensory journey.

Image from Range Rover

Culinary excellence is a cornerstone of the Range Rover House experience. The acclaimed restaurant Masque caters a first-of-its-kind tasting menu that showcases seasonal ingredients and innovative techniques. Each dish, influenced by global flavors and local produce, reflects the culinary heritage of India through the lens of modern luxury.

The Range Rover House in Alibaug is not just a venue; it is a sanctuary of modern luxury and refinement. Each curated experience is designed to provide clients with a unique and memorable journey, much like the experience of driving a Range Rover.

Zara Flavia Dmello


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