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June 13, 2024

Raw Mango’s new festive collection will make every woman look beautiful

Take a stroll through ‘Bageecha’ and explore a spectacular summer festive collection 2019, where comfort, fashion and luxury of purest fabrics come alive.
Bageecha Raw Mango
Sobhita Dhulipala in Raw Mango
Fluent in conveying India’s heritage and versatility in the finest manner, Raw Mango is an apparel brand, which depicts the genius of local crafts, fusing exclusivity in each of its pieces.
Arriving at a fresh and a bespoke collection, Raw Mango infuses a bright mood in your wardrobe with a stunning line of ‘Bageecha’- aesthetically understood as the fauna and flora of summer gardens. Spearheading the art of handloom since 2008, Raw Mango is a design house for the fashion and luxury enthusiasts, offering an array of gorgeous saris, garments and utility objects, a premium package for you and your home essentials.


Bageecha Raw Mango


Bageecha’s summer palette goes beyond strong versus light, and exquisitely depicts the amalgam of different shades such as evening black, nimbu peela (yellow), toned pink, angoori and touches of metallics. The beauty of its seamless appeal lies in the feel-good fabrics and sophisticated embroideries, an immediate winner in the list of the buyers for the occasion and special wear. Expect the woven magic of silk brocade and lightweight organza adorned with rich motifs peeking out on the surface. Soft punctuations of patterns like cheent, florals, Naqashi and more accents the finer details of the ensembles, lending it an unparalleled grace.
Bageecha Raw Mango
The brand keeps the excitement high by merging vintage and modern silhouettes with artistic backgrounds, smartly amplifying the meaning of Bageecha. Available in the range of Rs5,000 to Rs2,00,000, the refined outfits symbolise elegance of today’s modern women who perfectly balance every aspect of life while staying on top of their style game.


Bageecha Raw Mango

The summer festive collection, Bageecha can be found in the Raw Mango stores in cities- Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

Pratishtha Rana


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