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April 15, 2024

Image from Yauatcha

Refreshing summer whisky cocktails to try

Welcome to our special roundup of whisky cocktails in celebration of International Whisky Day! We’ve handpicked a selection of Mumbai’s finest restaurants, each offering unique and exquisite whisky-based creations to mark this global occasion. From timeless classics to inventive concoctions, these cocktails showcase the versatility and allure of whisky in all its glory. Join us as we raise a glass and toast to the spirit of International Whisky Day with these exceptional libations found across Mumbai.

Golden Era by Hakkasan

Image from Hakkasan

The Golden Era is an unforgettable experience; a timeless classic that embodies simplicity, elegance, and tradition. This tipple, crafted from the finest bourbon, aromatic bitters, and the sweet essence of date cordial, remains a cherished favourite at Hakkasan. Its straightforward yet sophisticated blend captivates the senses, making it a revered choice among discerning whiskey connoisseurs.

Yang Walker by Yauatcha

Image from Yauatcha

The Yang Walker is a harmonious fusion of grapefruit, lime, and umeshu dance elegantly with the bold embrace of whiskey and baijiu. Enhanced by a delicate mist of rosemary and violet, each sip is an exquisite medley of flavours.

Jazz club by Luuma House

Image from Luuma House

The Jazz Club is a smoky Bourbon cocktail with masala tea, French vanilla, anantamool

Apple Chicory Sour by Smoke House Deli

Image from Smoke House Deli

The Apple Chicory Sour is a unique blend of flavours that offers a refreshing twist on the classic whisky sour. This cocktail is crafted with whisky, apple chicory bitters, and a sweet & sour mix. The apple chicory bitters lend a subtle, earthy undertone to the drink, balancing the robustness of the whisky with the tartness of the apple. The sweet & sour mix adds a delightful tanginess, making this cocktail a perfect balance of flavours.

Zazen by Megumi

Image from Megumi

Made with Gondhoraj, Toasted Rice, Lime, Candied Nori, each ingredient in Zazen emphasises the practice of meditation. In this drink, the Gondoraj represents nature, Toasted Rice Tea preparation represents compassion and The Candied Nori stands for wisdom – created by pairing Nori with Toasted rice which is a staple in ‘sushi’.

Grapefruit Sour by Out of the Blue

Image from Out of the Blue

The Grapefruit Sour is a modern twist on the classic sour cocktail, offering a tantalising blend of citrus flavours with a hint of sweetness from the Burbon and a touch of sophistication. The vibrant pink hue of the grapefruit juice catches the eye, while the aroma of freshly squeezed citrus immediately invigorates the senses.

Maharaja Sour by SAGA Gurgaon

Image from SAGA

The Maharaja Sour marries the richness of Bourbon Whisky with the tanginess of mix berry syrup and lime juice, resulting in a harmonious symphony of flavours. Shaken with ice and expertly strained into a coupe glass, this libation is elevated with a garnish of dehydrated orange and delicate rose petals, adding a touch of elegance to every sip.

You can also try making some of these recipes at home!

Maharaja Sour Bourbon

Whisky – 60 ml

Mix berry syrup – 40 ml

Lime juice – 20 ml

Mix all together, shaken with ice and fine strain in cupé glass garnish with dehydrate orange with rose petal.


Zara Flavia Dmello


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