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June 17, 2024

Roar Africa and Emirates announce an uber-luxurious African safari for $1,25,000

Muskaan Thakur

Roar Africa, an ultra-luxe tour agency creating unique African safari experiences, and airline giant Emirates have joined forces to craft the ‘Greatest Safari on Earth’.
For representational Purpose. Source: Unsplash
For representational purpose. Source: Unsplash
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This safari will fly ten guests by Emirates A319 Executive Private Jet from Dubai to Africa, on a luxurious adventure to explore Africa’s rich culture over 12 days. The cost per person is $1,25,000.
Source: Emirates Executive Jet
Source: Emirates Executive Jet
Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls, Okavango Delta in Botswana, Kenya’s Great Migration, and the world’s last wild Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda are the listed spectacles.
The guests will be provided with expert guidance by Humphrey Gumpo and Dr. Ian McCallum, conservationist, psychiatrist, and an ambassador for the wilderness and wild animals.
Victorial Falls. Source: Pixabay

Victoria Falls. Source: Pixabay

This safari is set to debut in August 2021. Roar Africa has been working towards protecting the planet and hence, this safari is 100 per cent carbon neutral. Also, Roar Africa will donate a considerable amount to the Great Plains Foundation, working towards conservation education programs for African youth residing in and around the areas of safari’s itinerary.
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