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April 22, 2024

Image Courtesy: myTrident

In conversation with Shivan & Narresh entering home segment with myTrident

By Anushka Manik

Amidst a sea of homegrown resort wear brands, Shivan & Narresh emerges as a radiant star, with its bold, confident, yet sophisticated style. From debuting in Cannes at ‘Mare di Moda’ with a groundbreaking stitch-free swim line to becoming India’s premier luxury holiday brand, their journey has been nothing short of spectacular.

Now, in a twist, the brand has joined hands with myTrident, the opulent home decor segment by Trident Group, to unveil a captivating capsule collection. Imagine exquisite art prints seamlessly melding with sumptuous home textiles, with each piece being a testament to the creators’ passion for infusing life with art, drawing inspiration from their globetrotting adventures to craft truly collectible treasures.

More than just aesthetics, this collaboration is about transforming living spaces into reflections of individual style and personality. With meticulous attention to detail, myTrident and the visionary duo of Shivan and Narresh have a fresh take on luxury living. Curious to delve deeper, we sat down with Shivan & Narresh to unravel the secrets behind their recent collaboration and gain insights into the festive home decor trends of the upcoming season. Read on:

Could you share some insights into your creative process?

The collaboration embarked on an exciting creative journey, delving into signature hallmark prints from the SHIVAN & NARRESH archives over the last thirteen years. Our extensive travels worldwide, from the vibrant cultures of South Korea and Japan to the serene bike rides through Rajasthan and the historic vistas of Jaisalmer, have inspired some of these iconic designs. The collaboration aims to encapsulate these varied and rich experiences, transforming our adventurous narratives into artfully crafted prints on bed sheets. Through this process, we’re thrilled to share a piece of our expansive exploratory adventures with you, enabling you to incorporate a touch of this unique essence into your homes.

Image Courtesy: myTrident

What sets your collaboration with myTrident apart from other home decor collections in the market?

From the very beginning of our collaborative discussions, there were a multitude of mutual synergies, all aimed at crafting something truly exceptional for the home environment. Our primary aim was to introduce uniquely designed products that not only enhance the aesthetic
appeal of any home but also resonate deeply with its essence. A true aficionado values bed sheets with a thread count ranging from 400 to 600 or higher, as this range is synonymous with quality and comfort. Similarly, when it comes to towels, a weight of 600 GSM or above is preferred for its luxurious, fluffy feel. On the aesthetic front, incorporating prints into home decor is not just about visual appeal; it’s about storytelling and creating connections. Each print has a narrative, a story and an experience attached to it, transforming it into a conversation piece and an art form in itself. We were driven by the ambition to extend our influence to a wider audience, offering them a tantalizing glimpse into the captivating lifestyle experience associated with SHIVAN & NARRESH. It was this shared vision that led us to identify bed sheets and towels as the quintessential product choices, as they perfectly embody the tactile luxury and comforting embrace synonymous with living in spaces meticulously designed by SHIVAN & NARRESH.

Image Courtesy: myTrident

What are some trends or themes that you anticipate will be popular for home decor this season?

This season is set to focus on narrative-driven decor, emphasizing items that evoke personal memories. Expect to see beautifully arranged tablescapes adorned with table linens. The trend also leans towards multifunctional products, such as tray sets that double as striking decor
elements. Additionally, the festive spirit is enhanced through the use of aromatic candles, offering an ideal sensory journey for sumptuous celebrations throughout the year.

How do you balance functionality with aesthetics when designing home decor pieces for festive occasions?

Since our very inception, we have been driven by a singular objective: to craft exquisitely designed items that breathe life into every space they grace. Through our meticulously curated collections, we strive to do more than simply adorn living spaces; we aim to weave narratives of
story, style and experiences, elevating them to realms of unparalleled elegance and individual expression.
For those who share our passion for home textiles, we understand that comfort and softness are not just preferences, but essential elements of a truly inviting home. However, our commitment to aesthetics runs deeper. We believe that each print we introduce into your living
environment should transcend mere visual appeal; it should serve as a conduit for storytelling. Thus, every print within the collections is curated to possess its own unique narrative, transforming it into not just a piece of decor, but a conversation starter and a form of art in its own right. For the discerning home textile enthusiast, each item selected is an expression of personal taste and a reflection of daily life. As such, the creations are not merely decorations, but cherished art pieces that infuse warmth, provoke versatility, and enrich the very essence of your living space.

What’s your most favourite piece from the recently launched capsule collection?

Narresh: The ‘Jaiscape’ print holds a special place in my heart, marking my foray into the first white base print introduced by the brand and serving as a cherished keepsake from my birthday celebration in Jaisalmer. The design was inspired by a photo I took atop the Jaisalmer fort, later transformed through careful hand-drawn elements to introduce a contemporary Pichwai flair into the print. This deep personal connection and homage to culture played a key role in our choice to weave this design into our fashion collection.

Shivan: The ‘Hututi’ print is a personal favorite of mine, inspired by our travels to South Korea. It represents a sophisticated blend of five distinct prints, coming together to form a compelling story that pays tribute to Korean culture. The design features birds embellished with SHIVAN & NARRESH jewelry, iconic Korean temples, and the rich biodiversity of the region. The intricate layout of the print is a nod to the art of stamp collecting, an important element of Korean heritage and something I grew up with doing passionately, collecting stamps.

Image Courtesy: myTrident

The capsule collection will soon be available at myTrident.

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