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April 15, 2024

Shivan & Narresh’s range of home art wallpapers is a love letter to our travel wishlist

In the last one year of umpteen lockdowns, our homes have become a safe sanctuary, where we not only spend our leisure hours but our crucial work hours as well. Weekend outings have been replaced by in-house gatherings, gym sessions have shifted to our living rooms and kids’ academics and outdoor playtime, too, has moved indoors.
Keeping these ubiquitous home transitions in mind, Shivan Bhatia and Narresh Kukreja, fashion designer duo of eponymous luxury holidaywear label Shivan & Narresh, have introduced a collection of luxe art wallpapers.
These bespoke wallpapers elevate the look of one’s home and imbue a sense of living an al-fresco lifestyle, somewhere far away in a Parisian, tropical or an East-Asian land.
Shivan & Narresh art wallpapers
Shivan & Narresh art wallpapers- Mugijay print
The duo’s home interior projects are an effortless extension of their elegant and bold couture. As a brand, Shivan & Narresh is a favourite of many, including travel-loving celebrities in Bollywood and Hollywood. Each of their outfits and designs is a stunning manifestation of their travel experiences around the world.
Shivan & Narresh art wallpapers
Shivan & Narresh art wallpapers
The new range of artsy wallpapers is essentially a canvas that exhibits the colours, cultures, history of various cities and countries. There are ten distinct prints that are all inspired by the brand’s previous fashion collections of Seoul, Araki, Edomer, Patu and Wilding 20’s.
Whether you favour minimal and modern or bright and eclectic, these wallpapers make your walls the central theme of the home, lending the entire space a character of its own.
Shivan & Narresh art wallpapers- Palmera print
Shivan & Narresh art wallpapers- Palmera print
While some artworks take you back to the buzzing street scene and wilderness of South Korea, other artworks remind you of the beauty of Seychelles, indigenous tribal arts of Asia or the dreamy mood of the nature around us.
Shivan & Narresh art wallpapers- BotanEye
Shivan & Narresh art wallpapers- BotanEye print
“Our wallpaper series translate experiential concoctions of our travel sojourns. Each print has a story to tell and we hope to share this ethos for our connoisseur to enjoy in the comfort of their personal homes”, says Shivan Bhatiya, Head Designer, Shivan & Narresh.
Shivan & Narresh Fagun print
Shivan & Narresh art wallpapers – Fagun print
Browse the new art wallpapers range by Shivan & Narresh here
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