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June 24, 2024

Steve Jobs’ yacht designer designs the world’s first private train worth 300 million dollars

Tanvi Gupta
Move over private yachts and private jets! Ushering a new era in uber luxurious private transport is the world’s first private luxury train. Designed by Steve Jobs’ yacht designer Thierry Gaugain, the G Train could cost 300 million dollars to build.
The train will feature 14 cars, and will be over 1300 ft long. On board passengers will be able to change the opacity of the windows, allowing them to bring in the outdoors, as much or as little as they want. They’ll also have the option of adding seasonal filters to the window and have access to a dining car, gym, and what Gaugain described as a ‘toy chest’. That chest would hold cars, motorcycles, off-road vehicles and more.
The G-Train at night/ Image Courtesy- Thierry Gaugain
One of the most noticeable features of the train is its smart glass covering, which can switch from being transparent to jet-black and even gold-toned opacity with a push of a button. The train features a complex interplay of light. Natural light pouring in through glass walls will combine with digital lighting systems to create a perfect ambience for this palace on rails.
Image Courtesy- Thierry Gaugain
With a push of a button, the owner and guests can fill the interior with seven types of scenery. “It might be winter outside, but the owner can suddenly be surrounded by a beautiful summer’s day with flowers and meadows,” says Gaugain. “The train is essentially a stage that the owner can configure in many ways.”
Image Courtesy- Thierry Gaugain
The G Train’s 14 cars have a variety of rooms and use, from bedroom suites to a garden to an art gallery. The owner’s sleeping quarters and living room cars come with features like a family dining room, office, bathtub, and large bedroom. The train also has a “social center” with winged terraces on both sides of the car. This space is perfect for parties, shows or dinners. The G Train is customizable, which means there’s even an option to turn one of the cars into a swimming pool or a ramp for a fashion show.
G Train
Image Courtesy- Thierry Gaugain
We’re all familiar with the phrase ‘it’s about the journey, not the destination’- and that’s exactly what Gaugain hopes to achieve with this palace on rails. “Travel is not about speed. It’s about taking the time, because time is the only treasure we have,” Gaugain told CNN Travel. Having loved trains since childhood, he views the G-Train as the “last way to say something new about travel, while focusing on luxury and technology.”
Thierry Gaugain
Image Courtesy- Thierry Gaugain
Gaugain says trains will be a “vehicle for the future” due to their sustainability. The G-train will allow its owner to travel across Europe, Asia and North America. He’s assembled a team consisting of Swiss train builders and French glassmakers to work on this ambitious project. Should a deep-pocketed buyer emerge for the G-Train, it would take approximately 2 years to build and would redefine luxury travel in a way never seen before.
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