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June 23, 2024

Superbikes for 2023, from Ducati’s New Diavel V4 to Harley Davidson electric bike

Schenelle Dsouza 
While the automobile industry continues to grow, the motorcycle industry hardly falls short. From the new, limited edition Praga ZS to Rough Crafts sci-fi Harley, the motorcycle industry has seen some interesting new updates, not to mention Harley Davidson’s plans to switch to electric vehicles. Scroll down to read about all the updates in the motorcycle industry.
Ducati’s New Diavel V4 


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Combining brash superbike power with cruiser-like comfort, the 2023 edition of the Diavel is the first of its kind to be fitted with the Granturismo version of the 1,158 cc Desmosedici Stradale V4 engine. This along with the new intakes, airbox, camshafts and cam timing, and a shorter first gear, help to deliver harder, faster acceleration, with peak output at 168 hp and 93 ft-lbs of torque. The new design focuses on weight saving, making cuts off the monocoque frame, the subframe, the wheels and the front brake discs giving the bike a total 520-pound curb weight.
Harley-Davidson plans to go all-electric
Photo Courtesy: LiveWire
Harley Davidson may already have its own battery-powered brand, LiveWire. However, the company’s CEO Jochen Zeitz recently spoke about wanting to go all-electric. “At some point in time, Harley Davidson will be all-electric,” Zeitz said in an interview with Dezeen. “But that’s a long-term transition that needs to happen. It’s not something you do overnight.” Zeitz who believes that it may take decades before the brand goes fully electric spoke about wanting to think about the transition in order to get it just right. In the meantime, the brand continues to promote LiveWire’s one and only model called One. A second, more urban-centric Del Mar, is currently undergoing testing and is expected to go into production in the near future.
Jetpack Aviation’s Speeder to unveil The World’s First Flying Motorcycle
Jetpack Aviation
Photo Courtesy: Jetpack Aviation
Potential flying cars are yesterday’s news. Be prepared for the world’s first-ever flying motorcycle! A project by Jetpack Aviation, the flying motorcycle, Speeder will be one of the smallest jet aircraft ever designed. According to Jetpack Aviation, the Speeder will be a flying street bike that uses eight tiny-but-powerful jet engines to cruise 60 mph for about 30 minutes. It will feature eight turbines, two at each corner of the bike allowing the Speeder to carry approximately 600 pounds. In piloted motorcycle form, the Speeder could potentially reach 250 mph, though even the best riders would have trouble staying on at that speed. So, the company has a governor for the engines and an altitude limiter.
Kawasaki’s new Ninja ZX-4RR
2023 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4RR
Photo Courtesy: Kawasaki
Kawasaki recently unveiled its new track-focused sportbike, the Ninja ZX-4RR KRT Edition fitted with the liquid-cooled, DOHC, 16-valve, 399cc in-line four-cylinder engine. With a bore and stroke of 57.0 x 39.16mm, the bike packs impressive power of 26.5 lb-ft of torque at 11,000 rpm. The Ninja ZX-4RR features four ride modes, Sport, Road, Rain, and Rider customizable that adjust traction control and power mode; it also has a 6-speed transmission with a slip/assist clutch and an up/down quick-shifter. The bike sits on five-spoke 17-inch cast-aluminium wheels fitted with Dunlop Sportmax GPR-300 radial tires and a pair of 4-piston radial-mount monoblock front callipers squeezing 290mm semi-floating discs and a 1-piston rear calliper squeezing a 220mm disc.
Lego Muscular Motorcycle from ‘The Batman’
Photo Courtesy: Lego
Remember the muscular modern motorcycle from 2022’s The Batman? Come March, Batman fans will be able to build their own versions of the two-wheeler thanks to graphic designer Ash Thorpe who turned the bike into a Lego set. Comprising 641 pieces, the set is built for both kids and adults and is paired with key elements of Thorpe’s stripped-down design, clip-on handlebars and a quad-pipe exhaust. Post being built, the bike will measure 6.5 inches high, 13 inches long and 4.5 inches wide and will soon become part of Lego’s Technic line that focuses on 1:1 scale sports car models.

Praga’s ultra-limited ZS 800 motorcycle

Praga ZS 800 Motorcycle 
Photo Courtesy: Praga
Czech automobile company, Praga who is known for its limited edition, high-performance models announced the launch of an ultra-limited motorcycle, the ZS 800 which is said to be inspired by its 1928 original. The design itself echoes the original with its high-mounted headlamp, the bars and the elegant saddle design. The bike is powered by a 773 cc, air-cooled parallel-twin engine, also resembling the original, and featuring a hand-welded, hard-tail cro-moly frame. At a hefty price of $90,000, the bike will be limited to only 28 examples with deliveries beginning in summer this year.
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