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July 20, 2024

Tech Updates: The slimmest laptop to Apple’s touchscreen AirPod case

Arushi Sakhuja
One of the latest tech updates for India is the opening of two Apple stores in the country. While that did catch the attention of most individuals, there are a plethora of tech updates from upcoming gadgets to innovations in the tech space with AI and ChatGPT. Here’s looking at what’s new in technology.  
Apple launches two stores in India  
Apple stores open in India  news highlights
Photo Courtesy: Apple
Apple stores open in India  news highlights
Photo Courtesy: Apple
One of the biggest tech updates is the opening of two Apple stores in India. Last week, Apple opened a new store in Mumbai’s BKC and in New Delhi’s Saket. While the Mumbai store is the flagship store, it’s bigger and more experiential with interactive zones, the Delhi store is relatively smaller. However, both offer the same services and functions as the international stores. The stores have trained Apple experts on ground to help with all Apple-related queries. So, skip the task of finding service centres and make your way to the Apple store.  
China to test 3D printing of buildings on the moon  
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Photo Courtesy: Pexels
China will explore using 3D printing technology to construct buildings on the moon, according to the China Daily earlier this week. In the 2020 Chinese lunar mission, the Chang’e 5, took back to Earth China’s first lunar soil samples. China, which made its first lunar landing in 2013, plans to land an astronaut on the moon by 2030. Up until then, China will launch the Chang’e 6, 7 and 8 missions, with the latters aim being to look for reusable resources on the moon for long-term human habitation. The Chang’e 8 probe will conduct on-site investigations of the environment and mineral composition, and also determine whether technologies such as 3D printing can be used lunar surface, China Daily reported. Could this be one of the biggest tech updates? We think so!  
ASUS Zenbook S 13 OLED launches in India  
ASUS Zenbook S 13 OLED launches in India   tech updates
Photo Courtesy: ASUS
The world’s slimmest OLED laptop, ASUS Zenbook S13 OLED has finally made its debut in India. Being priced at ₹ 104,990, the ultraportable laptop is designed to redefine portability. Being as slim as 1cm and as light as 1kg in weight, this sophisticated Zenbook is the epitome of ultraportable design.
The device is available in two shades Basalt Gray or classic Ponder Blue.
It’s also designed using recycled metals and plastics i
, and utilises sustainable FSC-certified paper packaging. The Basalt Gray model features the exclusive and revolutionary ASUS Plasma Ceramic Aluminium material that transforms the aluminium lid using an environmentally low-impact bath-based method. This process increases wear resistance, corrosion protection, thermal management, hardness, and lifespan, adding a natural look and feel that resonates with the Zen-inspired roots of the Zenbook family. 
Samsung Neo QLED is available for pre-order in India 
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Photo Courtesy: Samsung
Samsung has unveiled a new Neo QLED TV series, which is now available for pre-order in India. With new 50-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch iterations, the Neo QLED TVs can be ordered until May 3 from the Samsung website.  The Neo QLED TVs feature improved mini LED backlight technology also increases brightness and colours. It also supports up to 8K resolution and auto HDR remastering, which can convert non-HDR content to HDR for better picture quality. All new models are validated for colour accuracy by Pantone and come with a built-in IoT hub and IoT-enabled sensors that can help control light, cameras and sound. Available in three screen sizes – 50-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch, they are priced at Rs 1,64,900, Rs 2,04,900 and Rs 2,79,900 respectively. 
Garmin launches the MARQ (Gen 2) 
Garmin launches the MARQ (Gen 2) 
Photo Courtesy: Garmin
Garmin India has launched the MARQ ® Gen 2. The MARQ (Gen 2) series is built using grade-5 titanium and has a vibrant touchscreen display with a dome sapphire lens. Made with high-quality material, each MARQ timepiece comes with incredible battery performance. The battery life extends for up to 16 days in smartwatch mode and up to 42 hours in GPS mode. 
Nothing (2) Earbuds 
Nothing (2) Earbuds 
Photo Courtesy: Nothing
Nothing announced the second generation of its flagship wireless earbuds. The Ear (2), look identical to the Ear (1), but has improved sound, active noise-cancellation and a host of new features, including Bluetooth multipoint and more customisable EQ settings. 
Apple AirPods touchscreen case 
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Photo Courtesy: MacRumors
What’s next in the world of tech updates? According to reports, Apple is working on a new AirPods case that will feature a built-in touch screen. As per MacRumors this new technology by Apple will allow users to control audio sources and interact with applications associated with the connected device. A patent was filed by Apple in September 2021 which revealed key details about the possible upgrade. “The utility of a headphone case can be enhanced, and user control over a user’s wireless headphones can be improved, by configuring a headphone case with an interactive user interface to enable user control of operations associated with the wireless headphones,” the patent mentioned. We are all eagerly waiting to see if this upgrade comes to life!
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