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June 13, 2024

Terminal 2 at Changi Airport Singapore gets a makeover

Honed as one of the best airports across the world, Changi Airport in Singapore has revamped Terminal 2. The new terminal is nothing short of extravagant, artistic and a visual delight. After, three-and-a-half years of construction and expansion work the terminal is finally operational welcoming a host of travellers who are embarking on an adventure.
Changi Airport
Photo Courtesy: Changi Airport
The all-new Terminal 2 (T2) is one where nature meets modernity and seamlessly merges the realms of architecture and landscape. Nature and immersive experiences in the terminal enhance the overall look and feel, while a nature-inspired theme guides T2’s design philosophy. From ceiling designs to wall finishes mimicking natural landforms to the choice of carpet patterns and horticulture displays, elements of nature are seamlessly incorporated throughout the terminal. Lush green columns adorned with a diverse array of plants contribute to creating a serene and soothing atmosphere, fostering tranquillity and relaxation for passengers and visitors alike.
However, there are two main highlights. The first is a 14-metre-tall digital display, dubbed The Wonderfall. Set amid a vertical garden, The Wonderfall is a digitally created waterfall that captures nature’s raw beauty. Situated between two thriving vertical gardens, this impressive 14m-tall and 17m-wide LED wall spans the height of Terminal 2’s Departure Hall. Serving as the entrance to a lift lobby, the LED screens framing this entrance make it look like you are walking right through the waterfall.
Wonderfall Changi Airport
Photo Courtesy: Changi Airport
The waterfall display dynamically responds to real-time lighting, offering a distinct visual experience both during the day and night. There is also a special 4-minute show, Rhythms of Nature which plays at 30-minute intervals throughout the day.
The next is the enchanting Dreamscape that mesmerises with its enchanting array of plants amid a meticulously landscaped backdrop, brought alive by a digital sky which changes its hues depending on the time of day. From sunrise to a star-filled sky, this is a great place to immerse yourself in nature. What’s more? Within the dreamscape at Changi Airport are the hanging and upstand rocks feature more than 20,000 plants selected from over 100 species. And the transparent pond is one you cannot miss.
Photo Courtesy: Changi Airport
The northern wing gets an additional 15,500 square metres of space and Changi Airport’s overall annual passenger capacity will increase to 90 million travellers, while Terminal 2’s capacity will rise to 28 million. With 16 airlines operating at T2, the terminal has flights connecting to 40 cities.  Singapore Airlines flights to Southeast Asia, Maldives, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, Lufthansa and Swiss International Air Lines, Air Japan, All Nippon Airways, Etihad Airways and IndiGo will be operational from this terminal.
New upgrades include a central common-use Fast and Seamless Travel (FAST) zone with additional automated check-in kiosks and bag drop machines, as well as expanded immigration halls to accommodate more automated immigration lanes. T2 is also the first terminal in Changi to have automated Special Assistance Lanes for persons with disabilities and young children at both arrival and departure immigration.
Changi Airport
Photo Courtesy: Changi Airport
In a press release, Mr Tan Lye Teck, CAG’s Programme Director for the Terminal 2 Expansion Project, said, “With T2, we sought to enhance the passenger experience, bringing together a modern terminal inspired by nature, with immersive digital experiences, innovative technology, as well as transformative retail and dining concepts that create a sense of place. This expansion project augments Changi’s handling capacity, allowing us to serve more passengers in the years ahead.”

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