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February 24, 2024

The gorgeous Malaika Arora tells you how to boost your immunity through Yoga

Ruhi Gilder
Immunity boosting has never been more important and relevant than it is today. On International Yoga Day, LuxeBook speaks to Malaika Arora, actress, yogini extraordinaire, co-founder of SARVA, about the immunity, mental wellness-related benefits of yoga.
What is your regular yoga routine?   
I make sure I am consistent and regular with my yoga practice every day. I like to bring in a little bit of everything into my practice. It includes strength, flexibility, mobility and even some cardio. I always balance it out with meditation and pranayama.
What practices do you follow to keep your immunity up?   
Pranayamas like bhastrika, kapalbhati and anulom vilom along with some asanas are my everyday go-to for immunity.
What are asanas and pranayamas for boosting one’s immunity? 
Bhastrika, kapalbhati and anulom vilom are very beneficial for immunity. Backbending asanas like bhujangasana and twisting asanas like ardhamatsyendrasana also increase immunity. Apart from this suryanamaskars can increase strength, stamina and immunity.
Malaika Arora
Malaika Arora
Ardha Matsyendrasana
What are the main things to keep in mind while practicing these asanas?   
Doing every asana mindfully is very important. Make sure your breath is steady and you listen to your body while you practice. Do not push your body beyond its limits and make sure your asanas are stable and comfortable.
Which poses would you recommend to help ease stress and anxiety?   
Forward folding poses like padahastasana, paschimottanasana and yoga mudra can help control anxiety and stress immediately. Apart from this a good shavasana or yoga nidra can be very beneficial too.
Malaika Arora
For those who want to meditate along with yoga, what is the best way to get started with meditation at home?   
The Sarva app has a huge selection of guided meditation tracks and music. That’s the best place to start.
How does yoga help you stay centred?   
Yoga establishes a mind-body-breath connection that creates a balance and equilibrium within. This creates a sense of calm and quiet that helps us stay centred.
Malaika Arora
Malaika Arora
How often should one practice these poses?   
To begin with, develop a practice thrice a week, once you are comfortable with your practice, you can take it up to 5-6 days a week or everyday too!
Are there any other diet-related / health tips you recommend for people who want to build their immunity? 
Eat a well-balanced meal. Don’t eat too fast and don’t eat till you’re completely full. Keep your dinner light and make sure you keep a 2-hour gap between your dinner and bedtime.
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Ruhi Gilder


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