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May 18, 2024

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The latest gadget launches

Arushi Sakhuja

The world of technology is one that is currently booming at the fastest pace. With AI taking over almost all walks of life, tech giants are reinventing their strategies. From new gadget launches to software developments and campaigns, these are the headlines for all that is new in technology.

Android 15 will have the dark mode feature

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Photo: Android Beta 15

One of the most exciting headlines for all that is new in technology is that Android users will finally be able to use dark mode! Android 15 will arrive with the much-anticipated dark mode feature with a promise of enhanced battery life and a visually refreshing interface. But that’s not all, Android is going to bring another layer of optimisation for dark modes, and this time, you could also see the colours change for apps that are not supporting the mode. The latest Android 15 beta code hints at a super dark mode feature that will turn all the apps on your phone into black/grey colour.

Apple’s Let Loose event will be held on May 7 

When it comes to new in technology, Apple cannot be missed. Apple enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the upcoming Let Loose event slated for May 7, where we will most likely see the new iPad Pro and the iPad Air models along with the Apple Pencil 3 version. Rumour has it that there could be the potential inclusion of M4 processors, positioning the iPad Pro as a pioneering AI-powered device, making it Apple’s first truly AI-powered device.

Nothing Ear (a) comes to India 

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Nothing Ear a
Photo Courtesy: Nothing
Photo Courtesy: Nothing

With stellar price points, sleek design and wireless earphones priced at Rs 7,999; the Nothing ear (a) is a dream come true. When you want peace and quiet, switch on active noise cancellation to capture and cancel unwanted background noise and when you want to let the world back in, transparent mode brings your surrounding noise back with just the touch of a button. Coupled with an impressive battery life of up to 5 hours, and intuitive controls, they offer a seamless audio experience tailored to individual preferences.

OnePlus unveils The Red Perspective

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Photo Courtesy: OnePlus

The camera of the OnePlus phone has been spoken about extensively given its impeccable photography quality. Building on the brand’s key selling point, the global technology brand unveiled its first-ever limited-edition Shot on OnePlus Book, titled The Red Perspective.   Through a captivating collection of photographs captured with OnePlus devices, this initiative is a community co-creation effort that highlights the exceptional camera capabilities of OnePlus devices. Addressing the Red Perspective launch, Ishita Grover, Director of Marketing, OnePlus India, shared, “We are thrilled to introduce our first-ever limited-edition Shot on OnePlus Book, ‘The Red Perspective’. The idea behind this unique Shot On OnePlus initiative is to encourage the creative ambitions of our talented OnePlus community and bring their perspectives and creative efforts to life through the power of OnePlus’ unparalleled camera capabilities. The Red Perspective will be available for viewing at select OnePlus Retail stores soon.

Vu Cinemas TV 2024 Edition Launched In India

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Photo Courtesy: Vu Televisions

The last thing that has made it to our list of new in technology is a cinematic-style TV launched by Vu Televisions. Because nothing compares to the appeal of a cinema-style screen in your home. On the home entertainment frontier, Vu Televisions has launched the Vu Cinema TV 2024 Edition in India. The newly launched Vu Cinema TV 2024 Edition comes in two sizes: 43-inch and 55-inch, and is equipped with exciting features like special 50W tube speakers that are claimed to offer the best sound clarity. With an immersive viewing experience, it boasts a 4K IPS display, enhanced brightness, and the allure of AirPlay connectivity, this television transcends the ordinary, offering a cinematic journey within the confines of one’s living room. In terms of its audio abilities, it comes with new 50W Tube Speakers, which are attached to the rear side of the TV and offer perfect dialogue clarity. The TV also has Dolby Audio enhancement. In terms of its availability of content, the Vu Cinema TV runs on WebOS and has 1000+ apps, including popular ones like Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, and others.

Arushi Sakhuja


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