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April 20, 2024

The most expensive TVs in the world

Schenelle Dsouza
Stuck at home in the lockdown or not, television is something that you just can’t do without. Here is a list of some of the most expensive TVs in the world.
1. Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Gold— Rs 16.8 crores
Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Gold
Photo Courtesy: Stuart Hughes
An ultra-fancy Stuart Hughes TV, the Prestige HD Supreme Rose Gold comes with a 55-inch screen, covered in about 28kgs of 18k rose gold along with precious stones like Sunstone and Amethyst, and the signature alligator skin in silver colour, fixed on the inner layer of the screen
2. Samsung The Wall— Rs 12 crores
Samsung The Wall
Photo Courtesy: Samsung
Samsung’s The Wall has a QLED display with three different variations of 146 inches, 219 inches and 292 inches with 4K, 6K and 8K definitions respectively. Along with a clearer display, better contrast, and energy-efficient technology the TV comes with smart TV features like WiFi, Bluetooth and Miracastscreen Mirroring Support allowing easy screencasting to nearby devices.
3. Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Edition— Rs 11.9 crores
Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Edition
Photo Courtesy: Stuart Hughes
The Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Edition comes with a 55-inch display screen. Although it isn’t as popular as the other Stuart Hughes TVs, this one is quite unique with its 18k gold embellishments, stunning gemstones and diamonds as well as an alligator skin border.
4. The Titan Zeus— Rs 11.8 crores
The Titan Zeus
Photo Courtesy: Titan Zeus
The 370-inches big 4K Titan Zeus is currently the largest TV in the world. The 3840 x 2160 LED pixels TV comes with some interesting features like motion tracking, touch-sensitive technology and even a dynamic CGI aquarium, which turns the TV into a giant fish tank.
5. Sharp LB-1085— Rs 11.8 crores
Sharp LB-1085
Photo Courtesy: Sharp
Despite being launched in 2008, the Sharp LB-1085 is quite a popular model. It is extremely durable and is designed for 24-hour use and rugged operating conditions in commercial spaces. This 108-inch LCD screen TV comes with full HD resolution, which has a low-reflection technology that delivers a fine image regardless of the lighting conditions around it. It also has a 176-degree viewing angle that ensures a clear screening from almost any angle.
6. C Seed 201— Rs 5.5 crores
C Seed 201
Photo Courtesy: C Seed
Weighing almost 1.050 kgs, the C Seed 201 TV is definitely one of the largest and heaviest outdoor TVs ever. It comes with an underground storage station that can unfold into 7 enormous LED panels at the push of a button. These can rotate up to 270 degrees. With 780,000 LEDs, 12 broadband speakers and 3 sub-woofers, this massive TV is perfect for a movie night.
7. Panasonic HD Plasma— Rs 3.9 crores
Panasonic HD Plasma
Photo Courtesy: Panasonic
Released in 2010, the Panasonic TH-152UX1 is a massive TV with a wide 152-inch plasma screen, weighing almost 600 kgs. It comes with a 4K 3D resolution i.e. 4096 x 2160 pixels, which is double the resolution of a standard Full HD. It also comes with external emitters for the active shutter technology, which gives the TV its 3D capabilities.
8. .BeoVision 4-103— Rs 1.1 crores
BeoVision 4-103
Photo Courtesy: Bang & Olufsen
Manufactured by the Danish company Bang & Olufsen, the BeoVision 4-103 has a 103-inches display. Despite its hefty price tag, the TV has a very minimalistic design with a high-grade aluminium frame and a motorized stand that can be used to adjust the viewing angle. With 1920×1080 pixels, the TV comes with VisionClear technology that automatically adjusts the colour and brightness after every 120 hours of operation.
9. LG UH9809— Rs 1 crore
LG UH9809
Photo Courtesy: LG
Introduced in 2016, The LG UH9809 comes with a 98-inch display screen with 8K resolution. This TV was the first-ever 8K TV to be built. It was also the first smart TV with WebOS 3.0 system and MHL support that could create up to 120 frames per second on the screen.
10. Samsung UN105S9— Rs 89 lakhs
Samsung UN105S9
Photo Courtesy: Samsung
This 105-inch screen of Samsung’s UN105S9 LCD has 4K resolution. The TV has features such as noise reduction, detail enhancement, signal analysis, and automatic depth analysis, which analyzes each image’s different areas and adjusts the contrast to an optimal depth of field. It also features UHD dimming, which regulates the black and white tones depending on the lighting.
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Schenelle Dsouza


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