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February 24, 2024

The most luxurious carpets and an expert’s tips on how to pick and style them

Pratishtha Rana
A carpet is like an artwork on the canvas of your home’s floor. They add a lot of character and visual drama to any room. While a carpet typically covers the floor end to end, a rug is a smaller piece of floor furnishing. But often, the two terms are used interchangeably in the interior realm.
From geometrical shapes, lines and florals to multi and mono tones, free-flowing abstracts and animal prints, LuxeBook takes you inside the world of truly artistic, handcrafted rugs and carpets from some of the leading brands globally.
We also speak to Raseel Gujral Ansal, Founder and Creative Director of Casa Paradox, a one-stop destination for services in architecture, interior design and bespoke furniture, on how to jazz up a home with carpets and rugs.
Cocoon Fine Rugs, Bombay
Bombay collection, Cocoon Fine Rugs
This modern-abstract blue rug is from the Bombay collection by Cocoon Fine Rugs. The rug’s free flowing design inspiration comes from the city’s colourful elements and its romantic monsoons. The rug is made of Cocoon’s signature handspun silk and blends in a very soft, luxurious texture that will decorate contemporary and minimal spaces.
For more information, visit or call 022-24928647/48
Hands, Minerology
Zircon red carpet, Hands
Soaked in enchanting colours of red, blue and black, the Zircon Red carpet is from the Minerology collection of Hands (since 1881), a brand with an impressive catalogue of artisanal carpets. This carpet is handknotted and made from bamboo silk and wool. It also features a tetragonal crystal system that gives the patterns on the carpet an edgy, unequal geometrical finish.
For more information, e-mail or call +91 93133 41775
CC-Tapis, Feathers
CC-Tapis’ Feathers Rectangular by Maarten De Ceulaer
An artistic marvel, Feathers is a collection designed by Belgian artist Maarten De Ceulaer for CC-Tapis, retailed by Sources Unlimited. The narrative of this rug centers around the beauty of bird feathers. Multiple colours, lines and patterns have been rearranged into collage like compositions, brought to life by hand-knotting the rug in Himalayan wool and pure silk. The makers have hand cut and used different levels of pile-height (rug’s thickness) to create a sense of illusion, depth and texture.
For more information, e-mail or call +91 9820 988 814 / +91 9821 949 481
Obeetee, Urban Maze
Obeetee x Tarun Tahiliani
Fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani’s design finesse shows in this fine rug created by Obeetee, one of the pioneers of hand-woven rugs in India. To recreate Tahiliani’s drip oil painting, the weavers at Obeetee have used hand-knotted woollen yarn, cotton yarn and silk. The final carpet lays out an arresting canvas of muted and striking colours like red and beige, combined with abstract patterns, perfect for modern homes.
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Jaipur Rugs, Aakar
Aakar by Kavi, Jaipur Rugs
Designed by Jaipur Rugs’ Kavita Chaudhary, this rug from Aakar by Kavi collection, is an interplay of geometric shapes, straight and curved lines and doodles. The soft-textured, hand-knotted rug is made of Bamboo silk and wool. One can match this carpet with similar hued quilts in the bedroom or contrast it with white marble flooring in the living room.
For more information, visit
Insigne Carpets, Persian
Persian rug, Insigne Carpets
Adorned with rich, intricate patterns of Mina-Khani, Insigne Carpets’ oriental Persian rug displays a superior blend of art and functionality. The craftsmen used the traditional hand-knotting technique to create this regal Persian rug. It is a fitting furnishing for high-end homes and commercial spaces, especially the ones with a Colonial or a Victorian aesthetic.
For more information email or call +91 12444012462
The Weaver, F03(HK)(2-Cool-2)
The Weaver
From The Weaver, a customised rug and carpet making brand, this carpet packs in the drama of contrasting colours, patterns and crisp textures. This hand-knotted is available in 100 per cent wool, viscose, silk and Bamboo silk.
For more information, visit
The Rug Company, Chiaroscuro by Alexander McQueen
The Rug Company
Bridging the gap between couture and art, British fashion house Alexander McQueen has created a stunning interpretation of a floral themed carpet. Titled Chiaroscuro, which means a fine juxtaposition of light and dark, the solid black canvas of this handwoven wool Aubusson carpet is augmented with a large, vibrant flower motif. The colours are all hand-blended, giving it a theatrical 3D effect.
For more information, visit
Carpet guide with Raseel Gujral Ansal Creative Director and Founder, Casa Paradox
Raseel Gujral Ansal, Founder, Casa Paradox
Why are carpets and rugs a must-have at luxury homes?
Luxury rugs and carpets are a work of art. They add a pleasing, tactile quality to the room and there is ample opportunity to style them depending on the interiors of the home.
What are the new interior design trends in luxury carpets and rugs?
– Revisiting heritage and traditional craftsmanship for luxury carpets and rugs has been gaining popularity.
– Layering has long been an everlasting trend. With layering carpets and rugs, one must maintain balance and not overdo it. Everything from floor, rugs, furniture to wall artworks should harmonise and combine to tell one story.
– Just like layering, leather carpets and rugs have been around for past few years now.
– Matching a leather rug with leather wall panelling is a great way to achieve seamless coordination between floor, walls and furniture.
– In terms of patterns and prints – graphic, ornamental, abstract, radial, geometric, animal-prints and blown-up designs are in.
– Colours including forest green, burgundy, teal, royal blue, charcoal grey and reds are popular.
– To bring character and flavour to a space, mixing traditional and contemporary style of
carpets works well too.
How to pick and place different carpets in different areas of home?
For luxury homes, one can opt for silk-on-silk rugs in public areas and master bedroom. For family room, living room and modern-styled room, one can go for leather rugs.
For study room and library area, modern rugs with contemporary patterns work better. While for parties and occasions at home, a mix of cotton and silk dari can dress up the verandah and outdoors.
Which carpet brands do you prefer?
For me, I think, The Carpet Celler, Jaipur Rugs and Cocoon Fine Rugs in India are doing some great work. While abroad, Iran-based Safavieh and Turkey-based Stepevi are some rug brands that I like.

Pratishtha Rana


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