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May 29, 2024

The Sassy Spoon has a delectable Ruby chocolate menu

Pratishtha Rana

The pink, toffee-like Ruby chocolate in the main course? It’s unlikely that anyone would have tasted pink chocolate in a savoury avatar. But when you visit The Sassy Spoon for its limited-edition Ruby chocolate menu, this happens.
Pellets of Ruby chocolate
Thanks to the growing popularity of Ruby chocolate, Rachel Goenka, Founder and CEO of The Chocolate Spoon Company, decided to take it to a new, experimental level – a five-course spread in entrée, salads and desserts The menu is exclusively available at The Sassy Spoon in Nariman Point, Mumbai, till February 29.
Berry Khatta
Upon arriving, I was greeted by the staff and immediately guided to a seat of my choice. The Sassy Spoon’s South Bombay outlet is spacious, where the mood-lighting and quirky wall art enhance the ambience. Coming to the special menu, after scanning through the new additions, I settled for a Berry Khatta mocktail to start off the evening’s fine-dine session.
Australian dukkah marinated lamb chops with ginger and ruby chocolate marmalade
Chef Malcolm Pereira explained that although the trend of using Ruby chocolate started with desserts, he wanted to combine the sweet-tempered elements of the chocolate in food as well, be it in form of garnish, sauce, or salad dressing. “We tried it with a number of ingredients. It is very difficult to match a sweet flavour profile with meat, so, we played around with the flavours.” He added, “For the Australian dukkah marinated lamb, I made a ginger and ruby chocolate marmalade as both the ingredients go well together.”
Swiss chard and mushroom tart with Ruby chocolate curd
On the table first arrived an appetizing looking Swiss chard and mushroom tart. The pink chocolate was infused in curd, paired with strawberry rose petal jam. I was convinced with the concept of chocolate and savoury together, in just one bite.
Next up was a vegetarian platter of Spinach and feta ravioli with a velouté made of Ruby chocolate. Parmesan crumbles and asparagus, peas and cherry tomato in the sauce blended quite well with the hint of the candied flavour of ravioli overall.
Spinach and feta ravioli with ruby chocolate veloute
As my taste buds prepared to discover what was coming up, the chef got a wholesome plate of crabmeat stuffed chicken, resting beautifully on a velvety brown sauce of ruby chocolate and brandy, with sautéed greens and potatoes on the side. Wiping the last bits from the plate, as leaving anything behind would’ve done injustice to the successfully experimented menu, I was ready for the last round of desserts.

Cheesecake is a go-to choice, I enjoyed having the Ruby chocolate cheesecake with pistachio and cardamom crumble, a delicious balance of the tangy ruby, crusty pistachios and the smooth cheese texture.
Ruby chocolate cheesecake
Smoked Ruby chocolate ice cream
There was also a smoked ruby chocolate ice-cream, served in a chai glass, which for many sugar-cautious foodies can be a great way to end a fulfilling meal.
Address: Ground Floor, Express Towers, Ramnath Goenka Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai- 400021



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