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July 18, 2024

#Lockdown: The ultimate guide to your skincare and haircare woes

Pooja Patel

Do you miss going to the spa or a salon for a quick facial? All your grooming sessions need not be put on hold just because your favourite salon is closed. You can use the extra time locked in at home to pamper yourself. Here are are a few summer skincare and haircare routines by popular bloggers that you can try at home.
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Malvika Sitlani, in this video shares some grooming and skincare tips, which she has been following for the last few weeks. In the video, she shows you how to shave facial hair and trim your eyebrows.
It is also the perfect time to show your tresses some love. Shereen Sikka, in her post, which is not sponsored, talks about how she has been taking care of her hair.
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Shreya Jain in her Instagram post takes us through her special skincare routine for her face. She uses a clay mask, a sheet mask, a glow mist and pure oil. This, she says, is her Sunday post-shower routine.


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Masoom Minawala has really simplified things for us! She has shared a simple solution to get glowing skin. Use this homemade hack for a dose of vitamin C and better-looking skin.
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One of the most important skincare routines is the bedtime ritual. Swati Verma, in this video, takes us through her before-bed skincare regime, for which she uses a scrub, foaming face wash, milk toner, eye cream and a moisturiser.


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