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There is so much to savour at JW Cafe’s grand Sunday brunch

Cake Mixing Brunch at JW Cafe, JW Sahar Marriott MumbaiJW Marriott Mumbai Sahar
Cake Mixing Brunch at JW Cafe, JW Sahar Marriott MumbaiJW Marriott Mumbai Sahar
Riddhi Doshi
JW Cafe's cake mixing brunch
JW Cafe’s cake mixing brunch
When the waiter walked in with a welcome drink, what looked like a blood-stained green drink along with a smoke-spewing pumpkin, two little girls squealed with excitement. On the adult table, I was amused as well.
JW Cafe's Halloween brunch
JW Cafe’s Halloween brunch
Last Sunday’s Halloween brunch at JW Café of JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar was a treat. They had an endless spread of food, which looked like work of art. The bread and the pastry sections were indeed a work of a genius. The brain shaped cakes, macaroon with intricate drawings of a witch and her house, a skeleton date cake, complete with a roving eye, caterpillar-shaped breads with scary eyes; there was so much to look at, so many Instagram photos to take and so much to savour. There is everything from chat to Italian, Punjabi, sushi, breads and so many desserts.
JW Cafe's Halloween brunch
JW Cafe’s Halloween brunch
The brunch theme changes every week. On Sunday, November 8, the theme is cake mixing based on the age-old tradition wherein people mix fruits and nuts with a combination of spirits and let it soak for the Christmas cake.
Halloween brunch
Halloween brunch
To make things fun, the café has also organised a contest wherein guests will take home the cake mix in jars and will be encouraged to post images of the cake they have baked using this mix. The winners will get 30 per cent discount on their next Sunday brunch at JW Cafe.
This brunch will have festive specials such as Barbecue style grill meats and seafood, wok style teppan Grills, Japanese sections with Sushi, Broccoli and Cauliflower Mornay, Shepherd’s Pie, Breaded Chicken Drumstick, Pepper Jack Tartin. The Indian section will include signatures from Calcutta such as Potoler Dorma, Radhabhallabhi, Chingri Malai Curry amongst the others. The spread also includes sandwich and Nachos, Large Beer Batter Station and street-style chaat. And there is Italian Specialty restaurant, Romano’s handmade Pasta and Pizzas.
The drinks menu is also as vast. It has Mulled Wine, Apple Pie on the rock (Vodka, Whisky, Apple Juice, Vanilla syrup), Coconut Snow Ball (White Rum, Blue, Curacao, Pineapple Juice, Coconut Cream), Cherry Poke Cake (Vodka, Marashchino Cherry Syrup, Lime Juice, Pineapple Juice, Top up with sparkling wine), Hazelnut Mimosa (Sparkling Wine, Orange Juice, Hazelnut syrup) Cake Batter Martini (Vodka Ammaretto Whipped Cream Funfetti Rim).
Despite of so many food stations, social distancing, safety and hygiene standards followed are of the top notch. Orders can be placed from mobile phones through QR codes on the tables. All the staff members are always wearing masks and gloves and the service staff also has face shields on. Guests can see the food spread, see chefs at work at live counters and even take pictures, but from behind glass panels, at most food stations.
For inquiries, call: 022-68828656 / +91-9167615611
Non-alcoholic brunch – Rs2500 plus taxes.
Alcohol inclusive brunch – Rs3300 plus taxes.
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