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July 20, 2024

This 8D audio technology-enabled running shoe will win you every race

Swiss shoemaker On, known for their running shoes, collaborated with Bang & Olufsen, a Danish high-end luxury electronics company, to create the ultimate runners kit, a blend of sports and advanced technology.
They believe that running and music are fundamental ways for people to perceive the world. Hence, they have integrated, both, their expertise to craft a fitness kit for joggers. It consists of On’s latest running shoes, CloudBoom and Bang & Olufsen’s limited edition Bluetooth earphones, BEOPlay E8 Sport. Moreover, they are offering a unique experience for users with the power of high-tech 8D audio.
On - Instagram
On – Instagram
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The Cloudboom is made up of new carbon-fibre infused Speedboard for serious explosivity and speed. This is the first time that On created a twin layer of CloudTec® in Helion super foam, having one above the Speedboard™ and one below, resulting in an adaptive fit underfoot. A single layer of ultralight engineered mesh, reinforced sections at the forefoot and a new traction pattern on the sole are some of the features that allow you to keep up with your running routine even in wet conditions.
Source: Bang & Olufsen
Source: Bang & Olufsen
This Swiss-engineered shoe is ideal for fast marathons and road races between 10 – 42.2 km. It has gotten the best of everything. Being ultralight but strong, it can handle sharp turns without missing out on the comfortable cushioning. It is priced at ₹13,999.
Olivier Bernhard, the Co-founder of On and multiple Ironman World Champion titleholder, said, “The Cloudboom is created with the inputs of our elite athletes who know what it takes to run your fastest marathon ever. At the same time, I love Clouboom’s silhouette. It incorporates the core DNA of our brand – minimalist design and maximum performance – a principle we share with Bang & Olufsen.”
Beoplay E8 Sport – On Edition
On - Instagram
On – Instagram
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Bang & Olufsen’s audio engineers have ensured that these earphones deliver high-performance audio that will help you go the extra mile. They are water-proof, IP57 certified sweat-resistant, lightweight and durable so that you won’t have to hold back because of the bad weather. The charging is long-lasting and can go on for 7 hours. With 3.5 charges from the compact carrying case, the total playtime becomes 30 hours.
The colour combinations are set to match with Cloudboom shoe’s design. The silicone ear fins and tips have a frosted, semi-transparent finish. On’s signature cloud pattern is engraved onto the case’s aluminium inlay.
Source: Bang & Olufsen
Source: Bang & Olufsen
They have also created a unique and dynamic, guided marathon experience using 8D audio technology called ‘The sound of unstoppable’. This meditation-inspired visualization experience feels surreal and will help you prepare for the big day. To prove the same, they spoke to Dr Michael Gervais, a performance psychologist with over 20 years of experience working with world-renowned athletes and sports teams.
“Performance imagery is the skill of creating a lifelike image, where you can feel and experience something that has not yet happened. When you create an image, you have the chance to open up – see, smell, touch and taste. It requires full commitment and focus to conjure up a free look at a future event.” said Dr Gervais.




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