Source: Natali Black/ Etsy

Pratishtha Rana

In the last four months of the global lockdown, masks have quickly risen beyond their utility status to becoming a fashion accessory. So much so that the weddings in the current times just cannot happen without the final touch of a dazzling, lehenga-twinning face mask.
And there’s more, last week a Surat-based jeweler Deepak Choksi made headlines with his customised offering of gold and diamond-encrusted face masks that cost a whopping ₹4-6.5 lakh. A picture of a man from Pune went viral, too, which showed him donning a round, gold mask that costs around ₹2.5 lakh.
Worldwide, e-commerce sites and Instagram feeds of designers are abound with various kinds of embroidered and embellished masks that can elevate your look in a jiffy.
These brands are adding their own creative twist to the face mask.
Youngberry Official
The bride dazzles in a head-to-toe red wedding ensemble which includes an ornamented face cover.
Youngberry Official / Instagram
Shivan & Narresh
Shivan & Narresh has crafted heavily embellished monochrome masks.  
Shivan Narresh / Instagram
Michael Ngo
Michael Ngo offers a multi-jewelled face mask in rainbow hues. 
Michael Ngo
Puneet Gupta
Minimal with touches of striking hand embroidery, Puneet Gupta’s mask comes with a neck chain and is inspired by botanical floral branches from royal Indian tapestries.
Puneet Gupta / Aza Fashion
Tamaraa by Tahani
Tamaraa’s three-layered handcrafted face mask is made of satin silk and is the perfect accessory for ethnic outfits.
Tamaraa by Tahani
Getman Jewellery
Getman Jewellery brings the entire floral bouquet aesthetic to the face mask. 
Getman Jewellery
XMask Pro
This design meets function mask combines the 95 per cent filtering efficiency with an embroidered butterfly patch on top.
XMask Pro