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This German artist created a $3M Gold Avocado Toast sculpture as a symbol of the millennial generation

Schenelle Dsouza
With a generation that is consistently obsessed with avocado, one can easily expect unconventional new avocado creations every now and then. But here’s a new one that is a definite eye-popper: A Solid Gold Avocado Bagel Toast.
Symbolising the millennial demographic also described as the Avocado Toast Generation, German contemporary artist Tim Bengel pieced together a fascinating curation of the avocado toast, made entirely from 18k solid gold that costs $3 million!
Photo Courtesy: Tim Bengel / Instagram
The artwork is a 3D sculptural design that is made using 27 different parts which amount to over 12 pounds of 18-karat gold. These include two bagel halves, five tomato slices, 10 arugula leaves, five onion rings and five avocado strips.
Photo Courtesy: Hypebeast / Instagram
Titled “Who Wants to Live Forever?” the gold bagel is currently being featured at the Avocado Club in a $47,000 case, although it made its debut during the Berlin Art Week on September 19.
Photo Courtesy: Hypebeast / Instagram
Bengel refers to the avocado as “Green Gold”, calling it a ‘symbol’ of the millennial generation. Bengel also shared a video montage on Instagram that reveals the 3-D design and printing process of the intricate design.
Talking about his extraordinary creation, Bengel said, “For me, the avocado is one of the symbols of the Millennial generation. And I want to capture the Zeitgeist in this work,”
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