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Nutrition and wellness have always been popular topics of discussion, but never had they become as prominent as now. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced people to look within and give their health the attention it needs. The importance of a good lifestyle and overall well being took centre stage the moment we were pushed into the screen locked world at the onset of the lockdown. A very significant part of wellness now is nutrition supplements. Thanks to the increase in pollution and other hazards, the food we eat today doesn’t sufficiently provide all the nutrients we need to cope with our stressful lives. Therefore, supplement products come in as saviours. One such supplement nutrition brand is Chicnutrix, curated by women for women. 
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In conversation with the founder of Chicnutrix Shilpa Khanna…
Nutrition, Chicnutrix
Shilpa Khanna, Founder, Chicnutrix
What prompted you to start Chicnutrix?
As women, we multi task a lot. Juggling home, kids and work leaves us with little or no time to prioritise ourselves. With time, the stress from our fast-paced lives starts showing on our skin, face and health. There are so many issues we face as women and only a woman can truly understand the health concerns a woman faces in different phases of her life. Chicnutrix was born with the idea to help women achieve a holistic and hassle-free life with nutritious wellness and beauty products that address various health or beauty concerns. Issues such as hair fall during or post pregnancy, acne concerns or even concerns like urinary tract infections are commonly faced by women but there is no one stop solution. Chicnutrix addresses this gap with science backed nutrition products that come in an easy yet tasty format.
How has the journey of Chicnutrix been so far?
The journey has been very exciting. Chicnutrix has gone from being a luxury nutrition brand to an essential requirement. We started out with a vision to dynamically make a difference in the lives of women through nutrition. Now the pandemic has also reiterated the importance of health and wellness and everyone has started taking it seriously.
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What do you think is the reason why people aren’t getting their nutrients naturally?
There are several reasons for that. One, mass production and use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides has reduced the vitamins and nutrient value of the food we eat. Then the effectiveness of the nutrients also goes down once the food is cooked. Third, our fast-paced life does not allow us the time to focus on our health,  which adds to the stress, and our need for nutrition becomes acute. Earlier, this need was met sufficiently through organic, less polluted foods, but that does not happen anymore. Finally, there are hardly any authentic nutrition rich products available. And the ones that are there aren’t hassle-free or delicious.
What makes Chicnutrix stand out in the rapidly expanding world of nutrition?
We are focused on products for women, by women, because only a woman understands another woman best! We are trendy, hassle-free and scientifically backed, the latter being our key benefactor. We use Swiss technologies and are approved by doctors as well as mothers. Most of our range is vegan and sugar-free yet delicious. We have our own R&D team and manufacturing so we ensure that only premium clinically proven ingredients are used in all our products.
A lot of people in India are still skeptical about supplements, what would your approach be to convince them?
Honestly, it’s only a matter of time before everyone realises that they need to add supplements like Chicnutrix to their daily lives. We will eventually become an essential requirement for a healthy lifestyle. 
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What’s the idea behind your quirky packaging?
We wanted our package to celebrate the vibrant personality of a woman. So we took a serious concept and presented it in a fun and trendy avatar.
What is your go-to nutrition product?
For me, it has to be Glow. I never leave my home without it!
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