Sunreef Yachts’ new hydrogen-powered yacht offers azero-emission sailing experience

Arushi Sakhuja 
Sunreef Yachts is chasing the eco-friendly dream with its revolutionary Zero Cat concept, a yacht that sails on hydrogen and produces its own power. Sunreef Yachts is establishing itself as a key player in eco-friendly and sustainable yachting, and this new concept champions hydrogen and solar-powered ships.
Zero Cat concept
Photo Courtesy: Sunreef
How does it work?
Sunreef Yachts is committed to creating a cleaner and greener yachting experience, and the Zero Cat is a representation of this commitment. By utilizing advanced technology and sustainable design principles, Sunreef Yachts aims to redefine luxury sailing while minimizing its impact on the environment. The company hopes to offer customers an exceptional zero-emission sailing experience and revolutionize the industry. Nicolas Lapp, CTO & co-founder of Sunreef Yachts, states that this project represents a milestone in their ongoing commitment to protecting the ocean and preserving its natural beauty.
Zero Cat green energy
Photo Courtesy: Sunreef
The Zero Cat, a zero-emission catamaran measuring above 90 feet, will combine hydrogen power and electric propulsion to achieve an eco-conscious cruising experience. Its green energy sets it apart from other superyacht models, with the Sunreef R&D Department currently developing a sustainable sailing superyacht that converts methanol to clean hydrogen for self-sufficiency and unlimited autonomy. The Zero Cat will use a hydrogen generator to produce hydrogen from methanol on board, benefiting from green power produced by the yacht’s solar power system. The fuel cell system will generate clean energy with zero emissions, powering both the electric propulsion and hotel loads.
Solar Sink
Photo Courtesy: Sunreef
What sets Zero Cat apart is its ability to create additional green energy through its hydro generators and solar cells, which Sunreef calls solar skin. The solar skin is not exclusive to this concept yacht, as it can also be found on other Sunreef models. It’s wrapped around the superyacht’s bodywork and can continue to generate energy even while sailing.
Photo Courtesy: Sunreef
The design of the catamaran named “Zero Cat” boasts a sleek silhouette and clean lines, perfect for sailing on the water. Staircases at the back of each hull led to an alfresco lounge, reducing its environmental impact. This zero-emission catamaran measures over 90 feet and features a sculpted design unique to the Sunreef models.
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