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June 17, 2024

42MM Architecture unveils French classical style bedrooms

New Delhi based 42mm Architecture is a multi-disciplinary firm working on architecture, interiors and urban design projects. The label founded in 2005, recently revealed four grand bedrooms, designed in the French classical style detailing against its ivory-white wall backdrop. The bedroom setups re-imagine glamour and tradition in the most luxurious way.

The spacious, beautifully decorated bedrooms maintain a balance between design-heavy and minimal elements. For the designers, it was essential to not overlap contemporary interiors with the overuse of extravagance. So, once you step in, even the most palatial room feels cosy and comfortable.

The decor is put together to look like a picturesque frame with gleaming marble floor, intricate mouldings on the wall, ornate ceilings and plush furnishing.

A regal palette of brick red, beige and ivory defines the first bedroom. The bed placed in the center is teamed with a petite white console and a textured bedroom seat in the front. A beautiful red carpet sits on the marble floor while beige-toned curtains adorn the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Generously lit with crystal chandeliers and ceiling lights, this bedroom is a vision in white. Vintage armchairs with gold polished outlining are matched with a white stone coffee table. A cushiony pearl white bed is complemented with a mini bedroom bench, foliage and an artisanal carpet.

Playful yet sophisticated, the bedroom brings touches of muave pink, gold and shimmery brown together with its minimal interiors. A pendant lamp adorns the room.

Inside a villa, this bedroom is a lavish abode filled with a mix of modern and traditional furnishing. Hues of soft creams and whites take the centre stage, complemented with the rooms’ well-ventilated ambience.

Pratishtha Rana


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