5 alcohol tours to bookmark in India

Arushi Sakhuja
If you savour every tipple you try (and are an alcohol connoisseur or collector), you probably would have a keen interest in alcohol tours. From visiting wineries and breweries to understanding how the alcohol is brewed, if this peaks your excitement levels, then here are some of the best alcohol tours in India that should be on your bucket list.
While most of us have visited iconic destinations overseas, one may have failed the acknowledge what India has to offer. With the rising inclination towards a variety of liquor types, it is worth noting that there is a subsequent rise in sites that are allowing visitors to explore the process of brewing, ageing and more. From wine to whisky and gin, Luxebook unfolds some of the best alcohol tours to book in India.
Sula Vineyard
Sula Vineyard
Photo Courtesy: Sula
If you’re an avid wine drinker, then it’s time to get familiar with wineries in the country. One of the best-known wineries is the Sula vineyard located in Nashik. A must-do alcohol tour in the country, get to know all about the wine-making process, from the grapes used to the right way to taste your wine, at India’s favourite Sula vineyard. To end you can even buy a couple of your favourite bottles.
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Tamras Distillery
Tamras Gin Distillery
Photo Courtesy: Adventurist Spirits Distillery
Gin is in! And if you’re on board with the gin revolution, this alcohol tour in Goa is one you can’t miss. Indian-origin gin Tamras has carved a niche for itself in the market. The Adventurist Spirits Distillery in Goa is open to the public, allowing visitors to explore the entire process from start to finish — distil, dilute, bottle and label. Using the finest ingredients and procedures, gin-lovers can take a seat at the hammered copper bar that allows a direct view of Odysseus — the Müeller Copper Still made in Germany.
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Paul John Whisky Distillery
Paul John Whisky Distillery Goa
Photo Courtesy: Paul John Whisky Distillery
The spirit of all spirits — whisky! It’s no surprise that even though the gin revolution is catching up, India is still predominantly a brown spirits market. And like they say, it’s all about enjoying a Patiala Peg on the rocks. If you are one of the many who enjoy the single malt experience, Paul John’s Whisky Distillery alcohol tour in Goa is like no other. From mashing to distilling, decipher the unique process of making single malts. Understand the rare art of distilling in fine copper pot stills, while the rich aromas of fine whiskies waft up to you from the underground cellars.
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Amrut Distillery
Amrut Distillers Goa
Photo Courtesy: Amrut Distilleries
Yet another dream alcohol tour. The Indian-made single malt whisky brand, Amrut, has opened up it’s distillery in Bengaluru to allow patrons to discover the exquisite journey of distilling single malts. Step into the home of innovation and discover Indian liquid gold as you walk you through the process of creating some world class whisky.
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Tour Maka Di Brewery Tour
Beer Tour
Photo Courtesy: Maka Di Beer
The hot, humid weather screams out beer! And what better than craft beer to take away those sultry summer blues? Over the past few decades, craft beer in India have seen a boom, so embrace your love for beer and book a beer tour at Latambarcem brewery tour. Surrounded by lush fields, woods, meadows and streams with the foothills of the western ghats, at the brewery, guests will have a first time experience looking at ingredients that go into the making of the beer. From sampling beers to a interaction with experts, get to see and feel malts and hops and see stages of the automated brewing process.
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