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February 27, 2024

5-star restaurants that serve the most delicious kebabs in India

Schenelle Dsouza 
One of the most popular foods in India, kebabs are a delicious pick, made with tender meat or paneer and veggies. They are one of those delish foods that can make any true foodie’s mouth water.
Here’s our pick of the finest luxury restaurants that serve some of the best kebabs in the country.
1. Baluchi – The Lalit New Delhi 
Baluchi - The Lalit
Photo Courtesy: The Lalit
A signature Pan Indian restaurant of the Lalit Group, Baluchi is a luxurious restaurant that has a royal ambience and world-class service. Their menu is elaborate with only the most authentic Indian dishes, including a wide variety of kebabs like seekh kebabs, paneer tikka, tangdi kebabs and more.
Price: ₹4,000 for two people (approx.) Without alcohol
2. Bayleaf, Courtyard By Marriott, Ahmedabad 
Bayleaf, Courtyard By Marriott
Photo Courtesy: Marriott
A progressive North Indian restaurant, Bayleaf is known for its elegant ambience and excellent fine dining services. Although Bayleaf is best known for its Asian cuisine, its kebab menu is also quite tasty with delectable options like gilafi, paneer tikka and mutton kebabs.
Price: ₹2,200 for two people (approx.)
3. Bukhara ITC Maurya, Delhi 
Bukhara ITC Maurya
Photo Courtesy: ITC Maurya
One of ITC Maurya’s best-known speciality restaurants, Bukhara in Delhi is known for its rustic interiors and North-Western cuisine. Made with delicious local flavours, their kebab menu has the Peshwari kebab, sikandari raan, reshmi kebab and murgh tandoori to name a few.
₹6,500 for two people (approx.) Without alcohol
4. JW Kitchen – JW Marriott, Bangalore
JW Kitchen - JW Marriott
Photo Courtesy: JW Marriott
The JW Kitchen in Bangalore offers an all-day menu with a delectable choice of Indian and international cuisine. Their shammi kebabs, paneer tikka and gosh seekh kebab are quite popular and absolutely scrumptious.
₹2,200 for two people (approx.) Without alcohol
5. K3 – JW Marriott New Delhi 
K3 - JW Marriott
Photo Courtesy: JW Marriott
Fashioned like a food theatre, K3 has three live displaying kitchens that offer authentic handcrafted cuisines. Aside from single-serve kebabs like malai tikka, paneer kebabs, etc, the restaurant also serves an indulgent kebab platter that includes a selection of the chef’s specials with delicious fish, prawns, chicken and mutton.
Price: ₹3,500 for two people (approx.) Without alcohol
6. Kebabs & Kurries, ITC Grand Central, Parel 
Kebabs & Kurries, ITC Grand Central
Photo Courtesy: ITC Grand Central
Another live display kitchen restaurant Kebabs & Kurries is famous for its delicious heartwarming North Indian and Mughlai cuisine. As the name suggests, this restaurant has a wide range of mouth-watering kebabs like mutton shammi kebabs, tikkas and seeks, as well as scrumptious colourful kebab platters.
Price: ₹3,000 for two people (approx.) Without alcohol
7. Peshawri – ITC Maratha, Andheri 
Peshawri - ITC Maratha
Photo Courtesy: ITC Maratha
A rugged yet sophisticated restaurant, Peshawri is a fine dining restaurant that specialises in Tandoori, North Indian, Northwest Frontier and Indian cuisines. Although Peshawri is well-known for their delicious buttery dal makhani, their kebabs like meaty seekh kabab, tandoori chicken and sikandari raan are also quite popular among guests.
Price: ₹5,000 for two people (approx.) Without alcohol
8. Saffron – Trident Gurgaon 
Saffron - Trident
Photo Courtesy: Trident
Located inside the Trident hotel in Gurgaon, the Saffron restaurant is famous for its delectable authentic menu from Punjab, Kashmir, Rajasthan and Delhi. Along with delicious chicken and meat kebabs, they also specialise in fish and prawn tandooris which are a definite must-try.
Price: ₹4,000 for two people (approx.) Without alcohol
9. Spectra- The Leela Ambience Gurugram 
Spectra- The Leela Ambience
Photo Courtesy: fined in the Leela Ambience
An elegant multi-cuisine restaurant, Spectra features an exquisite setting with culinary islands showcasing live display kitchens. Along with cuisines from all around the globe, Spectra is also famous for its Spectra Kebab Platter available in vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, as well as delicious mouthwatering tikkas, seekhs and chops.
Price: ₹4,000 for two people (approx.) Without alcohol
10. The Great Kabab Factory – Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport
The Great Kabab Factory - Radisson Blu Plaza
Photo Courtesy: The Great Kabab Factory
A contemporary Indian speciality restaurant, The Kebab Factory is a vibrant, ethnic restaurant that offers traditional and authentic meals including North-Indian, Afghani and Mughlai cuisine. Their vast kebab menu includes as many as 450 kebab options, with a different menu set for each day. The guests are therefore served unlimited servings of each dish, either vegetarian or non-vegetarian.
Price: ₹2,500 for two people (approx.) Without alcohol
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