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July 18, 2024

6 homegrown anti-fit fashion labels on our radar

Arushi Sakhuja
Skinny jeans are out and anti-fit is in! The 2020s have been championed by the rise of anti-fit silhouettes — a trend that reigned supreme, especially during the pandemic. Choosing comfort over style became the top priority for many, and such silhouettes soon replaced fitted clothes in our closets. Owing to the property that they don’t highlight the body shape, anti-fit clothing is a comfortable choice for many across age groups from the youth to the elder lot.
But the interesting thing is that even post-pandemic the trend has continued to live on and is no longer restricted to a niche market. The beauty of such silhouettes is that they’re androgynous in nature, and also synonymous with sustainability. And quite frankly, designers are giving these silhouettes an upgrade which makes them look fantastic from a purely aesthetic standpoint. If styled right, anti-fit clothing is an excellent choice for the street or a casual soiree. So stow away your body-hugging clothes and make way for comfort! Here we’ve handpicked some of our favourite homegrown designers who are championing the anti-fit trend.
Bhoot by Antar Agni
Photo Courtesy:Antar-Agni
Bhoot Antar-Agni 
Photo Courtesy:Antar-Agni
Homegrown label Antar-Agni is known for its gender-neutral, street style, and anti-fit clothing. The newly launched collection Bhoot is no different. Staying true to the brand aesthetic it champions the idea of simplicity in every piece. The collection uses superior cotton for all pieces and the silhouette is chosen to flatter every gender and body type across the spectrum. Ujjawal Dubey, the designer says, “At Antar-Agni we have championed silhouettes and impactful elements that pay attention to comfort. With Bhoot we dial that up with the subtlety of signature monotones and efficient construction. We have added playful quilted accessories.”
Urvashi Kaur 


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Another designer whose clothes are easy, breezy, fuss-free, and anti-fit is Urvashi Kaur. Being familiar with this space for a longer time than many others, her gender-fluid creations are often in muted hues adding to their anti-fit properties. Championing minimalism with a stylish allure, each ensemble is a statement maker.
Photo Courtesy: Bodice/ Instagram
When you think of homegrown anti-fit fashion it’s almost rare to miss out on Bodice. Being no stranger to relaxed, anti-fit silhouettes, Ruchika Sachdeva seamlessly blends ease and finesse into each of her creations. Mimicking the idea that classic tailoring and body-hugging silhouettes need not always be the notion for fashion-forward clothing. Her iconic white pleat detailing distinguishes Bodice from all other brands.
Photo Courtesy: Khanijo/ Instagram
The maverick of anti-fit fashion is none other than Gaurav Khanijo and his eponymous label. With a penchant for relaxed tailoring, the designer marries the two juxtaposed styles effortlessly. While the overall silhouette remains relaxed, the garment is given structure and a dash of tailoring on the sleeves or armholes or elsewhere. Adding further his clothing uses sustainable fabrics like bamboo, hemp, linens, and khadi which lend further to the ant-fit cut.
Photo Courtesy: Ka-Sha/ Instagram
If anti-fit clothing had a prototype Ka-Sha would fit the bill seamlessly. Not only do they revisit new and old artisanal techniques, but Karishma Shahani Khan also keeps in sync with sustainability. Ka-Sha silhouettes are fun, youthful, and also give a glimpse of playfulness. While the creations feature feminine detailing, the relaxed silhouettes make them gender-fluid. An artistic expression of anti-fit fashion makes the brand a go-to choice on those occasions when you want something more experimental.
Photo Courtesy: HUEMN/ Instagram
Bringing anti-fit fashion to streetwear is the brand HUEMN. Tying together the two ideas the silhouettes are fashion-forward yet comfortable and deep-rooted in street-style aesthetics. The go-to choice for a day at home or a lazy Sunday, quirky patterns and comfort make their signature silhouette look so flattering on a wide range of body types.
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