6 skincare ingredients you need to be using in winter

Arushi Sakhuja
While the winter sun might be an incentive for us to step up and bask ourselves in natural Vitamin D, however, the harmful UV rays, harsh heating and pollutants present in the air can often lead to skin damage, causing breakouts, dry patches and redness. We spoke to Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta, aesthetic physician and founder of ISAAC Luxe, to know all about the best working skincare ingredients for winter that will slough off parched winter skin.
Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta
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For people who are dealing with dry and flaky skin during winter then glycerine would be go-to ingredient to look for, in your skincare products. Glycerine is a natural humectant, that draws moisture to the upper part of the skin and maintains hydrated & healthy skin. One of the other reasons to choose glycerine in your skincare routine.
Glycerin further locks in moisture and hydration, fights signs of ageing, lightens spark spots and brighten the skin.
* Suitable for all types of skin except acne-prone skin and excessively oily skin.
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Hyaluronic Acid
The king of moisture-boosting skincare ingredients.. “Hyaluronic acid is a must-have ingredient for those people who want their skin to have softer and more nourished skin. Hyaluronic acid enhances hydration and holds onto moisture by binding water molecules in the skin and preventing the skin from drying out.”
This super skincare ingredient helps make skin flexible, provides smooth, supple and plump skin, reduces wrinkles and dark spots, brightens skin complexion and keeps the skin hydrated.
* Hyaluronic acid is safe for all types of skin types, even acne-prone and sensitive skin. It can also be applied during pregnancy or breastfeeding. 
skincare ingredients Hyaluronic Acid
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Vitamin C
Vitamin C isn’t just for fighting off winter colds, it’s great for skin too. “Vitamin helps in boosting winter glow along with the other benefits that vitamin C provides. Vitamin C regulates blood circulation and takes care of dry, dull and exhausted skin. It is also known to aid in the production of collagen, which helps maintain the skin’s elasticity, giving your firmer skin.”
Benefits include protecting the skin from sun damage, brightening skin complexion, hydration, promotes collagen production, reduces the appearance of dark circles and dark spots and prevents skin sagging.
* It is more beneficial for oily and natural skin types. Dry and sensitive skin types should avoid this.
Vitamin C
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A change in season can come with a change in your skin, products from cleaners to serums containing ceramides help lock in moisture and protect skin from pollutants. “Ceramides are a brilliant choice who want to lock moisture in their skin. It plays a major role in the skin’s barrier function. Ceramide is a natural ingredient, that normally occurs on the skin. It helps in preventing of drying out of the skin during cold winter and works best when applied twice a day, ” says Dr Geetika.
Some key benefits of this skincare ingredient include, providing a barrier to prevent dehydration and seal moisture, protection from environmental damage and infection and it improves the health of the skin.
*Suitable for all types of skin and it is even ideal for sensitive, acne prone and oily skin due to its natural occurrence in the skin.
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“AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), is not a moisturizing agent, in fact it is a chemical exfoliator that works to scrub off the dead cells from the body and helps to rejuvenate, reflects brighter skin and provides proper nourishment to the deep layers of skin during the harsh winter season. Proper exfoliation helps in gaining even skin tone and gets rid of hyperpigmentation.” Despite the slightly terrifying name, they can be very gentle and a great way of getting rid of dead skin cells.
AHA helps exfoliate dead skin cells, addresses  skin concerns like hyperpigmentation, acne, evens out skin tone and smoothens fine lines.
*Usually Suitable for all skin types but extremely dry and sensitive skin types should consult a dermatologist first before using it.
AHA skincare ingredients
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 Argan oil
Argan oil popularly known ingredient that penetrates deeply on the skin and used to treat dry and flaky skin. It has a lightweight texture with the benefits of omega fatty acids and vitamin E. It helps to moisturize the skin, protect skin from sun damage, treats acne, dermatitis and skin infections and is replete with anti- ageing effects.
*Suitable for all types of skin except extremely oily skin.
skincare ingredients Argan Oil
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