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April 20, 2024

A design guide for the most luxurious and stylish bathrooms in 2021

Shivani Pathak 
Remodelling and renovation has never been as popular and sought-after as it has been in 2020, post the lockdown. Pinterest and Instagram are flooded with new design trends and ideas to infuse your homes with a wave of freshness and inspiration. And when redecorating, how can one forget the bathrooms?
It’s where you truly take time out for yourself and relax. It’s where all the great ideas take birth. From designer tiles to Venetian mirrors and smart WC, here are the most in-vogue trends to give your bathrooms a luxe update, say experts.
Below is a list of all that’s hot in the world of bathrooms
  • Plants and hints of green that add a natural element
  • Dark coloured bathrooms
  • Gold, brass, matte black sanitaryware
  • Smart WC and showers
  • Dramatic and quirky lighting
  • Venetian mirrors, metal framed mirrors
  • Accent walls and design tiles
MADS Creations
Bathroom Design by MADS Creations
Flooring and Walls
Flooring and walls set the tone for all other elements in a bathroom. Currently, both, light and dark themes are being experimented with. One can also create an accent wall or sparsely use tiles with Moroccan patterns or ones made of compressed semi-precious stones like agate to add uniqueness to a bathroom’s layout.
Shivani Ajmera and Disha Bhavsar
Shivani Ajmera and Disha Bhavsar, Quirk Studio
Shivani Ajmera and Disha Bhavsar, Principal Designers and Co-Founders of Quirk Studio, a Mumbai-based design firm say, “We see neutral-toned cement-finish tiles, antique-demeanour tiles with anti-skid materials, take centre stage. Bathroom walls finished in IPS also make for a durable and minimalistic option, which is very much in sync with current modern design narratives.”
Pooja Gupta Interior Designer and Founder of Amiraah and I-Design Studi
Pooja Gupta Interior Designer and Founder of Amiraah and I-Design Studio
While Pooja Gupta, Founder of Amiraah India and I-Design studios emphasised on the return of combination themes with darker colours.“Washrooms are no longer being dominated by Italian marble; it’s being used in combination with designer tiles. Fashion designers like JJ Valaya, Abrahm and Thakore have designed interior wall tiles that people have been incorporating in their bathrooms. A lot of gold and rose gold strips are being used in combination with the tiles as well.”
Mirror Frame Shoe Mold by Pooja Gupta Founder of Amiraah India and I-Design studios
Bathroom sinks
Currently, circular and oval shaped bathroom sinks are the most popular as they easily fit in any space.
Meenu Agarwal, Founder and Interior Designer at MADS Creations, a design firm based in Gurugram says, “Wash basins have a great scope for experimentation in terms of material. While white ceramic basins are always a welcome fixture in any design,but those carved in stone are also preferable.”
Bathroom Design by MADS Creations
Bathroom Design by MADS Creations
Ajmera and Bhavsar maintain that a monochrome palette of all black or all white basins are dominating the design scape in bathrooms,“This is attributed to their functional adeptness and their quality of fitting into the design narrative of diverse palettes.” Brass-finish, ornate basins are preferred in powder bathrooms and guest bathrooms. The trend of flushed basins and countertops is also gaining wind — these can be executed in marble, Kalinga stone, terrazzo etc. where the basin is built into the countertop to create a seamless ensemble, add Ajmera and Bhavsar.
Bathroom Design by Pooja Gupta
Bathroom Design by Pooja Gupta
Smart bathrooms
Technology is playing a key role in today’s bathrooms. The popularity of sensor faucets, smart WC, sensor lighting, heating and temperature- controlled flooring has surged. The new updates include electronic WC that facilitates cleansing and hygiene along with features such as auto flushing, night lights, adjustable water flow and temperature and adjustable seat temperature; shower heads that allow different intensity of water flow as well as thermostat that, unlike geysers, maintain the temperature of water. Bathtubs inbuilt with target jets and rotating nozzles that target specific muscles ensure a spa like experience for a truly relaxing bath.
Sandeep Shukla, Head Marketing & Communication – Global Operations, Jaquar Group.
“Today’s trends emphasise the need for personalisation of one’s space, which includes wellness amenities such as spas, whirlpools, saunas, bathtubs and steam cabins. This trend is primarily seen in the premium luxury to super- luxury urban households,” says Sandeep Shukla, Head Marketing & Communication – Global Operations, Jaquar Group.
“Some time ago, I had designed a bathroom with heated flooring because the client wanted to avoid stepping onto the cold marble flooring after his bath. We installed heating pads in the floor, just beneath the tiles, the temperature of which could be controlled by a remote control,” says Gupta.


Fittings and fixtures
The type and colour of fittings and fixtures you choose for your bathroom will determine its overall look. While chrome-based, silver finish and matte finish are preferred choices for the past couple of years, gold sanitary ware is now making
a comeback and so is black matte finish. Several big sanitaryware brands have launched fittings in these colours. Black sanitaryware looks best when the rest of the space is in a lighter hue, and gold or rose gold coloured accessories would look majestic when combined with a darker themed or white bathroom.
Bathroom Design by Quirk Studio
Bathroom Design by Quirk Studio
Storage and functionality
Functional storage in bathrooms has become increasingly important, even in spacious bath areas. The focus is on creatively using every inch of the bathroom efficiently. Under-counter storage with floating drawers or cabinetry under the sink are one-point access for items used daily. Niche spaces can be carved out of walls, for towels and accessories, and can even be highlighted with profile lights. Open floating shelves in the shower area or above the WC can be used for storing items as well. While it’s important to create smart spaces for storage, the focus also needs to be on not overcrowding the space with too many elements.
Bathroom Design by MADS Creations
Bathroom Design by MADS Creations
Decor and lighting
Unlike a few years ago, today we have an unlimited number of mirrors, lighting and décor in the market. “Switch the conventional simplistic pieces for shapes like round, rectilinear, rounded rectangles and hexagonal, and finishes that complement the tonality of your bathroom. Metal-finished mirrors in brass, chrome and even matte- black can make for a statement addition to your vanity area. Go the sleek, suspended and minimal route or take a detour and introduce an ornate piece on the walls,” say Ajmera and Bhavsar of Quirk Studio. “Backlit mirrors with pendant lights on the side are an ongoing trend to add a touch of luxury to a bathroom. Ambient lighting and backlit mirrors powered by technology are also trending currently,” says Agarwal of MADS Creations.
Gupta maintains that Venetian mirrors and chandelier-like centre lights are great to add that regal touch to the bath area.
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