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February 27, 2024

This resort offers the ten best experiences of the Maldives

Kandima Maldives
Kandima Maldives
Riddhi Doshi
The Maldives has been trending on social media for a long time now. It has become Indian celebrities, vacationers and honeymooners’ go-to destination.
The tropical paradise has 1000 islands and 300 of those are resorts. These are the resorts where tourists spend all of their time, which ranges from a few days to months. Hence, it’s extremely important to choose your resort right.
The Kandima Maldives, a 264-key property, spread across a 3 kilometre island is for those who would like to experience the Maldives for all it has to offer. It’s an active lifestyle resort that wants you to party, to snorkel, to explore the ocean, the skies and yourself while having lots of fun, privacy and quality time.
KULA Art studio, Kandima Maldives
KULA Art studio, Kandima Maldives
Create your own art masterpiece
The island that the Kandima Maldives is on has two freshwater lakes and one overlooks a beautiful art studio that opens its arms to all the guests. Here, they don’t just invite you to see promising, local artists paintings, they invite you to create one of your own with help from expert artists. Whether you are a couple, a group of friends or family, this activity is therapeutic and will also help you strengthen your bond with your dear ones.

Spa at Kandima Maldives

Watch dolphins while you indulge in spa therapy
This must be the most magical moment at the resort. While you relax in the spa, being pampered by the talented masseuse, you see a pod of dolphins swim by in front of you. Of course, you also must be lucky to see the dolphins just when you are in the right place, but of what I hear, they are swimming around the island these days.
Snorkelling at Kandima Maldives
Go for a mesmerizing snorkelling experience
Going snorkelling in the middle of the ocean, to a big coral island, is simply fascinating. Its like you are in the Finding Nemo movie, watching those beautiful fishes swim right beneath you. If you are lucky, you will also spot a turtle, a young one or perhaps hundreds of years old and there might also be a baby shark. For real!
But here, at Kandima, at one end of the island, you could be up for a better adventure. If you are a good swimmer and have good buoyancy, you could swim very close above corals of different sizes and colours and see fishes literally swim right next to you. This one is a surreal experience.

Kandima Maldives

PArasailing at Kandima Maldives
Discover the great Indian ocean
The aqua centre at the Kandima, Aquaholics, has many treats for the resort’s guests. A romantic sunset cruise, banana ride, dolphin ride, snorkelling and scuba diving trips and snorkelling equipment and kayaks for you to explore the ocean any time.
When parasailing, taking to the skies from the speed boat, in the middle of the ocean and landing back there, it’s a thrilling experience. But also when you are up there, feeling the wind in your air, it’s absolutely relaxing, nothing like you would have experienced before.
The sunset cruise is perfect for honeymooners and couples. When the sky bursts into myriad shades of orange, red and pink during the sunset, watching the spectacle with your romantic partner is a memorable experience.

Kayaking at Kandima Maldives

Get a crash course in marine life
At Kandima, you can spot fishes anywhere, even while you are just chilling by the private deck of your aqua pool or sitting by the beach or walking around the property. You can never get bored of ocean gazing. And do keep an eye out for Eagle Rays. According to the locals, spotting one is lucky and I saw three. In my five days stay at the resort, I learnt so much about our rich marine life.

Kandima Maldives

Bike around the island
There can’t be a better way to explore the beautiful island then on a beach. You can stop by so many selfie spots to take pictures – two large swimming pools, pods right amid the ocean, water swings, pool pods and so much more. And while you are at it, get in a good work out as well.
Kandima Maldives
Aeiral yoga
Kandima Maldives
Yoga by the beach
Get fit
At Kandima, you will not have to compromise on your fitness regime. The resort has a state-of-the-art fitness centre called BURN, which offers Pound fit, boxing-inspired exercises, Kross fit, Pilates, and aerial yoga.
It also has tennis, badminton and beach volleyball courts and a football field. And for yoga enthusiasts, such as me, yoga by the beach, which an expert from the resort facilitates, is a dream come true. Imagine the evening breeze, the gentle sounds of the ocean, the setting sun and you pull off that perfect asana. What more can active lifestyle seekers ask for?
Though there is more. The Kandima Maldives has the longest swimming pools in the country – the Breeze Pool, which overlooks the ocean. There is another one too, closer to aqua villas, which faces the ocean as well and is perfect for a quiet swim.


Kandima Maldives
Kandima Maldives
Dine by the beach
Whether you are a family or a couple or just group of friends, if you’d like, the resort will set up a serene table for you, dimly lit and decorated with flowers, for you to have a romantic dinner, which is accentuated with delicious food that the chefs specially cook for you. Now that’s how you get pampered.
Kandima Maldives
Kandima Maldives
Party by the beach
Usually, the resort has two ‘happening’ pool parties every week, which have temporarily been suspended because of COVID. Although, they setup a groovy atmosphere every evening at an open café by the beach, where the DJ mixes some tapping numbers and bartenders serve great mixes at guests’ tables.

Kandima Maldives

Indulge in a variety of food
One of the biggest advantages of a big resort is the plenty food options it offers. Breeze Pool Bar is a party place, the place to sip cold beers and cocktails and other drinks and indulge in some yum pizzas (highly recommended) burgers and fries.
The Deli healthy food and they serve gluten-free fare as well. The new farm to fork initiative of the resort gets you food made from the freshest ingredients.
Flavour is a casual dining space that has a vast breakfast and dinner spread. It serves everything from Indian to Italian, Mexican and Continental dishes.
Aroma is a café perched over a natural lake. This is the place for your coffee fix. They serve exotic coffees from around the world and some cool ice creams and sundaes.
Sea Dragon & Forbidden Bar serves authentic Asian cuisine, mostly Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese. This is also a place to indulge in seafood.
Kandima Maldives on Dhaalu Atoll can be reached, both, by a seaplane and a domestic flight from the Male International airport.
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