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June 20, 2024

Image from ZOYA

A Toast to World Gin Day in Delhi and Mumbai

As World Gin Day approaches, indulge in a week-long celebration of this beloved spirit. From June 8th to June 15th, immerse yourself in the world of gin, where each sip tells a story of craftsmanship and innovation. Explore vibrant concoctions and sophisticated blends across India’s most captivating locales, embracing the essence of tropical indulgence. Additionally, if you’re curious to know what’s new in the gin space, you can browse through a curation of the top 5 gin launches this season below. Indulge in revitalising cocktails and unique creations, savouring every moment of this extraordinary journey through the world of gin. Join us as we raise a toast to the spirit of gin and the endless possibilities it brings.

Escape to the Tropics at Tango Tamari

Image from Tango Tamari

Dive into Pan-Co, a vibrant concoction featuring Cocolero Latin Herbal Spirit, gin, and pandan liqueur. Lime and mint add a refreshing twist, while vegan foam creates a playful touch. Perfect for any occasion.

Explore a Discerning Palate at KOKO

Image from KOKO

Experience the sophisticated Corpse Reviver #2, where Monkey 47 gin meets KOKO Lillet Blanc and Luxardo Maraschino Triple Sec, creating a complex and revitalising experience. Zesty lemon juice and a touch of Grande Absinthe complete this masterpiece.

AER at Four Seasons Mumbai

Image from AER

From June 8th to June 15th, this stunning rooftop bar at Four Seasons Mumbai is transforming the usual one-day celebration into an extravagant ‘World Gin Week’. This eight-day festivity will turn the spotlight on the unique flavours and exquisite craftsmanship of its very own signature AER Gin, crafted and distilled by Stranger & Sons exclusively for the city’s most-loved rooftop bar. AER’s stunning views and chic setting provide the perfect backdrop for this week-long celebration.

Unwind with Serenity at Kembara

Image from Kembara

The Serenity Sip, featuring Short Story Gin mingled with delicate lychee, aromatic jasmine tea, and bright citrus. Homemade Green Chartreuse adds a touch of complexity to this balanced and refreshing concoction.

“Gin & Chill” at Te Amo Bistro & Bar

Image from Te Amo

Celebrate International Gin Day at Te Amo Bistro & Bar Gurgaon with their “Gin & Chill” menu. Enjoy fruity popsicles paired with premium gin, offering a fun and interactive DIY experience. With flavours like Jamun, Berrylicious, Tangerine, and Alphonso, each popsicle complements your drink perfectly. Whether you’re a gin connoisseur or just looking for something new, this unique offering lets you craft your own refreshing gin-infused delight. Don’t miss out on this delicious way to enjoy your gin!

Indulge in Elegance at Tanjore Tiffin Room

Image from Tanjore Tiffin Room

Savour the Garden Galata, a gin and tonic infused with passion fruit’s tropical sweetness. Delicate rose petals, vibrant orange slices, and crisp cucumber add a stunning visual element to this delightful cocktail.

Embrace an Exotic Twist at Foo

Image from Foo

Try the Kokum Club, where Beefeater gin blends seamlessly with coconut syrup and the tangy notes of kokum, while lemon juice adds a zesty finish. A vibrant and invigorating cocktail perfect for those seeking a unique and flavourful experience.

Sweet Tooth Cravings at Millo

Image from Millo

Celebrate at Millo, a renowned vegetarian spot with innovative gin cocktails that are a feast for the senses. Sip on a Blue Pea Tea-infused gin with edible glitter, accompanied by a citrus cloud for a cosmic experience. Try the pink gin, berry compote, and lemon mix, topped with sparkling wine and candy floss for a burst of flavour and colour. Experience a unique blend of raw turmeric-infused gin, ginger, honey, and grapefruit syrup, finished with tonic, offering a harmonious balance of spicy, sweet, and tangy notes.

Gin Tales at Butterfly High

Image from Butterfly High

Celebrate World Gin Day on June 8th at Butterfly High, where an extraordinary selection of gin cocktails awaits you in a vibrant and chic ambience. ‘Butterfly Decoded’ combines gin with fresh berries, kaffir leaves, rose petals, and hibiscus dust for a vibrant, aromatic experience. ‘Her Mysterious Garden’ features elderflower liqueur and gin, finished with sparkling wine and bitters. ‘The Cojoined Forces’ blend orgeat syrup, lemon juice, and bitters with gin for a harmonious flavour. Plus, ‘Create Your Own Gin Tales In Four Ways’ lets you mix your favourite gin with refreshing combinations like Watermelon Mint, Orange Basil & Rosemary, Blackberry Basil, or Spicy Kiwi Pineapple.

Gin Launches

Explore the latest additions to the gin scene with these exciting launches. Whether you’re drawn to vibrant pink hues or dynamic flavor profiles, these new gins offer something special for gin enthusiasts. Raise a glass and celebrate World Gin Day by indulging in these innovative spirits.


Image from ZOYA

Introducing Zoya Premium Gin, a meticulously crafted Indian gin that stands out from the crowd. Made from 100% grain and natural spirits, Zoya is a special batch creation infused with delicate juniper and the finest botanicals, resulting in a beautiful, fresh, and utterly unique finish. With a lovely palate that ignites the joie de vivre within, Zoya is not just a drink but an experience. Perfect for savouring on its own or as a versatile companion in a variety of classic cocktails, Zoya shines in every sip. Whether enjoyed neat, in a classic G&T, a refreshing G&S, or as the star of fabulous cocktails, Zoya’s signature leafy and woody subtlety shines through, thanks to the juniper berries at its core. Experience the much-loved fresh flavour and aroma that define Zoya, and elevate your gin-drinking experience to new heights.

Punk Gin by Nao Spirits

Image from Nao Spirits

Discover ‘Punk’ Gin, the freshest addition to Nao Spirits’ lineup. Crafted with handpicked strawberries from Mahabaleshwar and a hint of dried hibiscus flowers, this Pink Gin boasts a champagne-pink hue and a dynamic flavour profile with fresh and vibrant strawberry notes complemented by lemon peel, black pepper, and juniper on the finish. Best enjoyed with tonic water, a slice of fresh strawberry, and a basil leaf or sprig of rosemary, Punk Gin offers a truly unique and refreshing experience.

Nisaki Gin

Image from Nisaki

Introducing Nisaki, India’s premier colour-changing spirit by Project Peacock, distilled and bottled in Goa. Crafted with care, this rice-based spirit undergoes a meticulous three-step distillation process, resulting in a superior-quality, triple-distilled delight. Nisaki boasts a distinctly floral and smooth profile, blending 16 organic botanicals for a vibrant medley of aromas and flavours. From zesty citrus notes to lively Macedonian juniper berries, each component adds to the delight. Handpicked signature tea blend rounds out the experience, making Nisaki a joy for both casual drinkers and connoisseurs. With no artificial additives, it’s a treat for the palate and the soul.

Jin Jiji India Dry

Image from Jin Jiji India

The essence of Jin Jiji lies in its botanicals, which are unique to India, often called the world’s botanical garden. From the fragrant Tulsi leaf, revered in Ayurveda, to the wildly aromatic Chamomile flower, each botanical in Jin Jiji India Dry Gin tells a story. At the heart of this ‘India Dry Gin’ is wild juniper, foraged from the Himalayas, providing a well-balanced aroma with soft tones of juniper and sweet spices, delicate nuances of chamomile and mint, and a hint of citrus rind.

Kumaon & I

Image from Kumaon & I

Kumaon & I is India’s first provincial dry gin, crafted from fresh Himalayan spring water and featuring 11 regional botanicals. This gin is slow distilled to extract maximum flavor and texture. It boasts an earthy essence from unique Himalayan Juniper, Timur (a berry-like Szechuan pepper), and Black Turmeric, cultivated at high altitudes for a rich flavor. Complemented by coriander seeds and citrus fruits Galgal and Kinu, it offers spicy peppercorns and citrus on the nose, with a medium dry, long finish on the palate.

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