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June 23, 2024

Apple’s Upcoming Over-Ear Headphones: the Airpod Studios

Arnav Mandhana

Apple product leaker, Jon Prosser, has recently leaked news about Apple’s new over-ear headphones, which will be called AirPod Studios.

Prosser gets his information from sources within the company and the company’s supply chain. He is also quite trusted, since he was spot-on about the features and specifications of Apple’s new Iphone SE, according to AppleInsider

The price of the headphones is going to be around $350, which is $150 more than that of the AirPods Pro, and it’s rumoured to launch during Apple’s WWDC20 (Worldwide Developers Conference 2020), on June 22nd.
The design of the headphones has also been speculated based on several design and utility patents owned by Apple, which were granted in January of 2019. The patents display over-ear headphones, with “touch gesture audio controls.”
1 Cover over-ear headphones with audio touch controls
Image from
2 Headphone patent with audio controls on the headphone cups
Image from
Below is a concept video by Curved a youtube channel famous for making tech reviews and other concept videos- on how the AirPod Studios could be expected to look.

It will certainly retain the features possessed by the standard AirPods and AirPods Pro, such as noise cancellation and isolation, the ‘Hey Siri’ feature, and wireless charging. Additionally, based on the patents, it is expected to have features such as gesture control, to control the music volume and playback, through the use of multiple motion sensors located in the headphones, as shown in the image below.
3 Headphone patent with audio controls on the headphone cups figs 6a 6b & 7
Image from
The headphones will also be designed to provide the wearers with high levels of comfort as they will comprise of soft ear-cushions which will provide the ears with breathing space. A mechanism which allows the wearers to control music quality directly through the headphones rather than the mobile phone can also be expected.
The headphones are supposed to make a surprise drop, which is why Apple hasn’t directly made any mention of them. 


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