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June 23, 2024

Inspired by the Stones’ Quarantine song ‘Living in a ghost town’, here are Mick Jagger’s most iconic outfits

Prayag Acharya

Apart from being one of the most renowned rock singers in the world, Mick Jagger is also known for being one of the biggest fashion icons of the 60s and 70s. The Rolling Stones recently released a new track, ‘Living in a Ghost Town’, so let’s take this opportunity to commemorate some of Jagger’s most iconic looks:
1) The eye-catching bling & colour- 
Outfits like this one really prove that Jagger wasn’t afraid to express himself through his sartorial selections, even GQ magazine believes its what “consummated his iconicity in the creative industry”.

2) A classic Jagger look-
The outfit comprised of nothing more than suspenders and printed, flaring suede pants with his usual amount of accessories and confidence. This look from the 70s came to be known as one of his classics that people till date celebrate, as corroborated by GQ.

3) The bare-chested risqué look-
Every now and then, Jagger was seen performing bare-chested paired with what would till date be considered “overtly sexual” (in an appealing way)  as even said by V magazine. They describe it as peak Mick Jagger.

4) The Iconic Wedding Suit-
The suit Jagger wore to his wedding in 1971 was rather distinctive and striking. The suit and trousers were a shade of cream, and the shirt he wore was extremely colourful. To top it off, he wore baseball shoes. GQ describes it as “some serious elegance”.
Image from
5) Setting the Summer Clothing Trend- 
He usually carried off a cotton shirt, with pleated pants, both of the same colour, most of the times with a gracefully draped jackets creating one of the most timeless and classy looks in existence. GQ even pronounced it to be a mastery in summer elegance.
Image from
6) His Gothic Look era-
Another one of Jagger’s most iconic fashion moments was at the Los Angeles Forum in 1972, when he showed up in a glam-rock androgynous one-piece that broke many barriers and played a major role in redefining menswear, all as confirmed by VOGUE.

7) His classic 70s androgynous tank top era-
Mick Jagger was often seen performing and captured on a camera wearing a tight tank top paired with flaring pants, always with eye-catching jewellery and accessories that went on to define his “androgyny” and “rockstar swagger” as noted by VOGUE.

8) His infamously striking pants-
Most of his classic looks evidently involve a pair of pants with either bright vivid colours or a tight-fitted flare, sometimes both together. Most of the times it is his pants that make his outfits so full of “rebellion” as even described by CULTURA COLECTIVA magazine.
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9) Bold Feathery CAMP look-
One of his more recent looks, yet just as appreciated as VOGUE calls it “as vital as ever”. This camp-inspired feathery coat clearly stands out.
Image from
10) The boldly colour contrasting band look-
The band altogether played a major role in taking milestone steps towards improving the cultural landscape through their showmanship and consummate style as per ANOTHER MAN magazine. This group look with Jagger in the centre is a prime example.

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