Art deco ideas for a contemporary home upgrade

Arushi Sakhuja 
Your home is the space to showcase your personal style. Be it through upholstery, carefully-curated furniture or crockery, it’s the space where your creativity shines through. So, it’s only right that you’d want to do up the interiors of your home tastefully ensuring they resemble your style and personality. 
With every passing year come new trends; but one thing is clear, India is slowly but surely leaning towards Art Deco based interior inspiration and designs. Contemporary geometric designs and muted colour tones are striking characteristics of Art Deco. While some might be building their homes, others simply wish to upgrade them with modern accents. “Contemporary touches to a space can uplift any minimal area and spruce it up to look relevant in today’s design sphere. It is a great way to give a signature look to an otherwise minimal space. Decorative elements like candle stands, mirrors, vases, and planters all add a feeling of modernity if done correctly and in theme,” shared Akshita Sekhri & Sonali Batra, Founders, Mi Casa Collective. 
Mi Casa Collective
Photo Courtesy: Mi Casa Collective/ Instagram
Stepping into an interior store can often leave you confused, or you may have just stumbled upon a unique store that caught your attention, and this can often throw you off track. It’s easy to get swept away with the many options from home décor pieces to furniture items, linen, upholstery and more.
Sarita Handa 
Photo Courtesy: Sarita Handa
But for those of you who like to follow trends close and stay on top of your game, Capt. Rahul Puri, Executive Director, Sarita Handa throws light on some key trends that can spruce up your home, “The blend of old and new, contemporary, and classic are the representation of the modern traditional aesthetic redefining the design ecosystem. Artisanal vases, pottery and ceramic decorative elements can add a new dimension to your home interiors.” But you can’t underestimate the power of resin ware to elevate the design aesthetic. Ambereen Gupta and Mrs Anuradha Jain, Founders, ISQ believe in the use of unconventional materials like wood with resin ware that add a modern yet classic old-world charm to your space. 
Photo Courtesy: ISQ
Adding further to your home is the colour palette you chose, and while many stay clear of yellow, when done right it can enliven the space. Not only is it a hot colour in the fashion scene, but also in the world of interiors. “Whether it’s gold, mustard, lemon or yellow, the hue is always unmistakably vibrant. Playful yellow shades make a perfect match for children’s bedrooms and nurseries, but the colour can also be grown-up and works in any room you want it to. Like so many bright tones, it can be tricky to make yellow work in a room from top to bottom, but statement yellow furniture and bold yellow accessories make for beautiful styling,” said Avani Juneja, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Beyond Dreams. 
Beyond Dreams  
Photo Courtesy: Beyond Dreams
But what makes a home truly contemporary is following a theme that ties together all the space of your home. To help you bring it all together Akshita and Sonali suggest an easy hack — incorporating linear and abstract elements to your space. Striking artworks in abstracts are bold enough and speak to the entire room while setting a tone,” added the duo. 
While Meenu Agarwal – Founder & Interior Designer, MADS Creations, feels the way to seamlessly add a contemporary flair to your home is by using a mix of design elements. She shares five game-changing design elements, “Think asymmetrical; it encourages guests to float through the room while engaged in conversation. Mix your metals to make it feel like the fixtures are curated and bespoke. Opt for statement art with oversized artwork. Create a statement wall to add a focal element to the space. it could be a photo gallery wall, panel or accent wallpaper. Lastly, instal a stylized chandelier in open spaces to add grandeur to the space.”
We’ll leave you with a few images to take in all the expert tips!
MADS Creations
Photo Courtesy: MADS Creations
MADS Creations
Photo Courtesy: MADS Creations