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Photo Courtesy: Le15 Patisserie
Schenelle Dsouza
If there’s one thing the people of India love about the summers, it’s the promise of fresh and juicy mangoes. And while we all love to savour the king of fruits in its raw form, incorporating it into a creative dessert is another great way to enjoy the delicious fruit.  
Now while some may argue that mango season is halfway through, true mango aficionados will know that the best lot of mangoes has only just come in! And just in time, restaurants and cafés have made it a point to include the freshest batch of mangoes in their dessert menus.  
Take a look at some of these delicious mango desserts by some of the best restaurants in the city.  
Bastian, Mango Passionfruit Sticky Rice Pudding
Photo Courtesy: Bastian
A celebrity favourite restaurant that is known for its indulgent delights, Bastian has created a refreshing dessert that is rich and creamy yet light and airy! A gluten-free recipe, the pudding is made with a creamy Thai-inspired rice pudding and layered with mango and passion fruit and topped with crunchy roasted almonds and sesame seeds.  
Bombay Sweet Shop, Mango Mithai Box
Bombay Sweet Shop
Photo Courtesy: Bombay Sweet Shop
Mumbai’s popular mithai spot, Bombay Sweet Shop sure knows how to bend with the seasons. And their Mango Mithai Box is proof. Offering an assortment of mango themed mithai, their summer special dessert box includes three delicious sweets including Mango Jim Jam Barfi – a mango peda inspired by the classic Jim Jam biscuit, filled with a gooey centre of sweet and tart raspberry jam; Mango Kheer Kadam, a soft rasgulla, encased in fudgy mango peda and rolled in flaky coconut; and finally, the Moti Paak, a delicate motichur boondi with a mango-pista kalakand.  
Bougain Villa, Mango Coconut Delight
Bougain Villa
Photo Courtesy: Bougain Villa
The goodness of mango meets rich aromatic flavours coconut, this delicious tropical treat from Bougain Villa is hard to pass. Loaded with a coconut cream base, the dessert if layered with smooth white chocolate, whipped cream and the star of the season – mango!
Café Duco, Keralan vanilla & fresh mango tart
Café Duco
Photo Courtesy: Café Duco
 An adorable café in Bandra, Café Duco has some of the best desserts that not only taste great but also look absolutely stunning. A menu full of Latin-American favourites, Café Duco has revamped the crowd favourite mango tart with a Keralan twist. A delicious farm grown vanilla bean cream from Kerala is filled into a rich homemade French butter shortcrust tart, topped with layer of Alphonso mango and Thai lime coulis, and a serving of fresh Alphonso.  itcmaratha
Cocoa Cellar, Mango Misu 
Cocoa Cellar
Photo Courtesy: Cocoa Cellar
Central Mumbai’s favourite patisserie, Cocoa Cellar has a reputation for indulgent chocolate liqueur desserts and offerings. Adapting to the season, the popular chain has recreated the infamous Tiramisu with the seasonal favourite, mango. A soft sponge cake is soaked in mango nectar and layered with mascarpone and mango slices. Because Cocoa Cellar is known for its liqueur desserts, the brand has also curated a Malibu Rum version with a blend of mango and coconut rum.
Coppetto Artisan Gelato, Mango Sorbet
Coppetto Artisan Gelato
Photo Courtesy: Coppetto Artisan Gelato
What better way to beat the heat than with a yummy cold sorbet? Known for their flavourful artisanal gelatos, Coppetto brings you a delicious mango sorbet made from some of the season’s freshest mangoes. Tangy, zesty and refreshing Coppetto’s mango sorbet, is a perfect drink in a dessert for the summer season. 
ITC Grand Central, Mango Phirni
ITC Grand Central
Photo Courtesy: ITC Grand Central
A crowd favourite, phirni is a sweet rice pudding dessert that can be enjoyed all year round. But what makes it better, is the sweet addition of mango. The ground rice is cooked in milk, saffron powder and mango puree, and topped with a generous serving of ground nuts.
ITC Maratha, Mango passion fruit bavarian
ITC Maratha
Photo Courtesy: ITC Maratha
No fruit complements mango better than passionfruit. Creating an indulgent recipe, ITC Maratha has whipped up an indulgent combination, a rich white chocolate cup layered with fresh mangoes, passion fruit and creamy coconut panna cotta, with an extra garnish of mangoes.
La Folie, Mango Velour Cake
La Folie
Photo Courtesy: La Folie
Sweet, moist and delicious, this mango velour cake by La Folie is keto-friendly curation made with a quinoa and oats lime streusel and layered with an exotic blend of mango calamansi lime compote, mango cream cheese mousse, and pabana Chantilly for a healthy yet indulgent treat.
Le15 Patisserie, Mini Mango Cream Cake
Le15 Patisserie
Photo Courtesy: Le15 Patisserie
How cute is this mini mango cream cake by Le15 Patisserie? A mini version of the brand’s best-seller mango cream cake, this mini version is a light and airy genoise sponge layered with delicious pastry cream and fresh mangoes, garnished with more chopped mangoes, because why not, and finally chopped pistachios. 
Loci and Toot, Vegan Mango Cheesecake
Loci and Toot
Photo Courtesy: Loci and Toot
Who doesn’t love a good old cheesecake? But what makes it better is a fresh addition of mangoes. Taking the crowd favourite dessert, Loci and Toot create an interesting vegan version of the popular dessert with an oat and almond base filled with creamy cashew and coconut milk cheesecake served with a generous topping of fresh mango pulp.   
Monèr Bistro & Dessert Bar, Monèr Sundae
Monèr Bistro & Dessert Bar
Photo Courtesy: Monèr Bistro & Dessert Bar
A fruity combination, full of flavour, is what best describes this reinvented sundae by Monèr. A sweet and sour raspberry sorbet, with layers of mint and vanilla bean ice cream, lychee sorbet, chocolate soil, cookie crumbs, meringue, and fresh mango, is served with a choice of salted caramel, raspberry coulis or dark chocolate sauce.  
Salt Water Café, Honey Glazed Mango Cruffin
Salt Water Café
Photo Courtesy: Salt Water Café
You’ve heard about cronuts, but have you ever tried a cruffin? European dessert hub, Salt Water Café has come up with a unique combination of a croissant and a muffin that looks absolutely enticing. Stuffed with mango crema and mango jelly, these crispy croissant muffins are layered with a sweet honey glaze and topped with pumpkin seeds for an added crunch.  
Silver Beach Café, Fresh mango and vanilla ice cream with homemade crackers
Silver Beach Café
Photo Courtesy: Silver Beach Café
Desserts today have become indulgent creations with an elaborate set of recipes. Going back to the classics, Silver Beach Café curated a quick yet indulgent dessert taking two of the simplest ingredients: fresh Alphonso mango and vanilla ice cream. Balancing the sweet notes of the dessert are pieces of homemade crackers that add a fun crunch to the meal.  
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