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April 15, 2024

Sustainable beauty brands to invest in this Earth Day

Schenelle Dsouza 
Sustainability is more than a trend or a marketing gimmick, but rather a movement, a step in the right direction. The beauty industry, more than others, has played a larger role in preserving the earth and environment. From sustainable packaging and refillable containers to switching to ethically sourced ingredients that minimise the damage caused to the earth, beauty brands across the world have taken a conscious step towards sustainability. The beauty industry is accused of running up a huge environmental cost, from wasteful packaging to microplastic pollution in our seas. While the most important thing is to consume responsibly, here’s the next best thing, to consume from brands that are doing their bit on sustainability. On this Earth Day, go green with these sustainability-focused beauty brands.  
Natural ingredients 
Forest Essentials 
Forest Essentials
Photo Courtesy: Forest Essentials
India’s very own luxury beauty brand, Forest Essentials has a very basic mantra, “If you can’t eat it, don’t use it.” True enough, the brand combines natural ingredients sourced from local farmers, with modern chemistry, creating modern yet natural solutions for every skin problem. In addition, the brand also practices effective waste management with paper and glass packaging that is reusable and recyclable.  
Juice Beauty
Vegan Beauty Brands
Photo Courtesy: Juice beauty
A leaping bunny and PETA-certified brand, Juice Beauty is a clean vegan brand that uses a farm-to-beauty concept. Using only organically farmed ingredients, all their products are free from synthetic dyes, fragrances or chemicals like parabens, phthalates and sulphates. Reducing their carbon footprint, most of Juice Beauty’s products are filled in recyclable glass containers and packaged in FSC paper, while other materials like plastic bottles and resin tubes are recycled and reused.  
Paula’s Choice
Paula’s Choice 
Photo Courtesy: Paula’s Choice
Prioritizing the well-being of the planet and its living beings, Paula’s Choice has always been a green and sustainable brand.  Paula’s Choice products have all been tested naturally, without bias, ensuring 100% skin safe ingredients that do not harm the environment in any way. The brand’s Earth Skin range is a promise of their green and clean curations, made with naturally derived shea butter and vitamin e, in addition to other clean and natural ingredients.  
Refillable containers  
Photo Courtesy: L’Occitane
A luxury beauty brand, L’Occitane has slowly emerged as a clean and sustainable beauty brand. In an attempt to reduce the ample of plastic distribution, the brand has come up with product refills called eco-refills, made entirely out of recycled products. With these refills, L’Occitane has drastically reduced up to 80% of plastic, which was used in their original packaging.  
asa Beauty
Photo Courtesy: asa Beauty
One of India’s premier luxury conscious brands, asa Beauty is also among the first brands to start their own refillable program. Driven towards ethical and sustainable beauty, asa Beauty products are made with 92% natural, vegan ingredients foregoing any cruelty toward animals and nature. With an aim to minimize the plastic and packaging waste generated by the beauty industry, asa Beauty offers refillable solutions for all their products including lipsticks and lip balms, blush, bronzer and compact powders and more.  
Glow Recipe 
Glow Recipe  
Photo Courtesy: Glow Recipe
From the very beginning, Glow Recipe has claimed to be a sustainable brand, using clean and conscious ingredients in their products with plastic-free packaging. Housed in these spectacular glass jars, their products are filled in a small pod which can be recycled, thanks to a partnership with TerraCycle®, a private U.S. based recycling business, for a no-waste recycling program. Once used up, these pods can be returned to be recycled, while the glass jars can either be refilled with new pods or used in a multitude ways.  
Sustainable packaging 
Photo Courtesy: Izzy
Touted as the world’s first zero waste brand, Izzy is a clean and conscious beauty brand that has taken major steps to its carbon footprint. Made with all natural and clean ingredients, their bestseller Izzy Zero Waste Mascara comes in a medical grade stainless steel packaging that is 100% certified CarbonNeutral® and recyclable. Once empty, the packaging can be sent back to be sterilized and refilled multiple times.  
Photo Courtesy: SoulTree
One of India’s oldest sustainability focused brands, SoulTree is also India’s first BDIH (German: Federal Association of German Industry and Trade) certified brand.  Their products are made using authentic Ayurvedic recipes with ingredients that are organically grown and harvested. The brand also initiates sustainable packaging using biodegradable materials like paper tapes, honeycomb paper made out of recycled materials that are also eco-friendly. 
The Switch Fix
The Switch Fix 
Photo Courtesy: The Switch Fix
Clean, conscious and effective, The Switch Fix believes in beauty solutions that come from only the most natural sources. Not only are all their products 100% vegan and cruelty-free, but each product is wrapped in 100% recycled paper packaging that has been approved by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Some of the brand’s bestsellers include their Acai of Relief Hair Mask Bar, Blue-Tea-Ful Haircare Combo and Magic Shrooms Conditioner Bar.  
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