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May 18, 2024

Image from Arpita Mehta

Behind the scenes at Arpita Mehta’s new store in Delhi

Arpita Mehta’s splashes of warmth and colour made their way to Delhi at DLF Emporio this month. The destination for luxury gets the Arpita Mehta signature touch of cosy luxury as the season turns from Winter to Spring. This is a space that invites you to spend a languid afternoon appreciating the fine craftsmanship evident in the garments and in the many details surrounding you. Every corner is elevated by the warmth of lights cast from large lamps. The interior decorators have integrated design elements such as the fringe detailing adorning outfits in the store’s decor with delicate silk fringes that edge the sofas and ottomans. This store celebrates a touch of old-world charm that contracts the modern design of its offerings.
We spoke to Arpita Mehta about her vision for this store, her favourite elements, as well as some snippets about her Spring-Summer collection and future projects!

1. What are 3 words you would use to describe the aesthetic of this store?

Cosy, Noveau Traditional & Cultural would be the most appropriate terms!

2. What was the inspiration that you used to design it?

When we set out to design our store in Delhi, our priority was to draw inspiration from our Bombay store while infusing it with the unique essence of Delhi. We wanted to capture the rich culture and heritage of this vibrant city, incorporating elements that resonate with its soul. We aimed to seamlessly blend these influences with the handicrafts that have always been synonymous with our brand. As you look around the store, you’ll notice a tapestry of colours that reflect the diverse culture and heritage of our nation. From the hand-woven rugs adorning the floors to the intricate artwork adorning the walls, each piece tells a story steeped in tradition and craftsmanship. It’s our way of paying homage to the spirit of Delhi and celebrating the beauty of our heritage.

3. What is the most Instagrammable spot or corner of this space?

As you step into the store, you’re greeted by a cosy seating area near the POS desk, creating an inviting atmosphere right from the start. On the left-hand side, there’s a striking pedestal, perfect for capturing those Instagram-worthy moments. As you venture further, you’ll discover our unique trial rooms, far from ordinary. We believe in creating an experience that makes every client feel special, and our trial rooms reflect that ethos. They’re designed to be not just functional but also visually captivating, ensuring that every moment spent trying on our garments is memorable and shareable.

Image from Arpita Mehta

4. Let’s talk fashion! If you could pick one outfit from your Spring-Summer collection to wear in Delhi right now, which one would it be, and why?

I would wear one of the classic solid pink coloured saris from my spring-summer collection in Delhi. It’s a timeless silhouette that exudes elegance. Plus, being made of georgette, it’s lightweight and effortless to wear, perfect for the city’s warm weather. The blouse along with it is very playful and fun, adding a touch of flair to the ensemble. I believe it’s an ideal choice for Delhi, not only because it’s flattering but also because it brings a certain level of glamour that suits the city’s vibe.

5. Could you share with us the inspiration behind bringing your brand to DLF Emporio?

I always wanted to have my store in Delhi, something I’ve been planning for a while. Choosing DLF Emporio as our location was a no-brainer. It’s renowned as India’s premier luxury mall, and for good reason. When people think of shopping for weddings or wedding trousseau, DLF Emporio is often their first choice. The mall boasts an impressive array of luxury brands, both international and Indian, making it the ultimate destination for discerning shoppers. So, deciding to set up shop there was an easy decision.

Image from Arpita Mehta

6. You’ve described your store as a space that invites visitors to appreciate fine craftsmanship and details. Can you elaborate on some of the design elements and features that contribute to this atmosphere?

When it comes to the details and craftsmanship in our store, we’ve paid attention to every aspect. The mirrors are adorned with velvet, adding a touch of luxury, while other corners feature intricate ironwork and detailed metal finishes, blending the old-world charm with modern aesthetics. Our racks are a fusion of metal and wood, marrying tradition with contemporary design. Adding to the ambiance, vintage rugs and hand-woven creations are layered throughout the store, creating a visually captivating flooring that adds depth and character to the space.

7. What is your personal aesthetic like? Do you feel like it has influenced the way your stores look as well?

My personal style is quite fluid, often influenced by my mood and evolving over time. Currently, I find myself in a transitional phase where I lean towards understated and simpler clothing for daily wear. However, when it comes to stepping out for events or Indian affairs, I love to go all out with extravagant outfits. This contrast is reflected in my store, where you’ll find a blend of simplicity and intricate detailing. As a designer and consumer, I value this balance.

8. Ravi Vazirani, who collaborated with you on your flagship store in Mumbai, also worked on the design of your new store in Delhi. How did you ensure that while both stores share elements, they also maintain their unique identity?

Ravi and I are dear friends, and he was the one who designed my Bombay store. From the moment we began working on it, we knew it wasn’t a one-time collaboration; we had a strong connection based on our shared aesthetic sense. He grasped my style, craftsmanship, and aesthetic preferences, while I understood his working methods and his own sense of aesthetics. What’s truly wonderful is how we exchange ideas and borrow from each other, allowing us to incorporate our shared vision into the store’s design. The same collaborative approach was applied to our work on the Delhi store. While the layout of the Delhi store was inspired by the Bombay store, it possesses its own unique identity. We opted for a different colour palette and added more textures, giving the Delhi store its own distinct character. It’s not just a replication of the Bombay store; rather, it stands on its own with its own personality and charm.

Image from Arpita Mehta

9. The integration of design elements, such as fringe detailing adorning your outfits extending to the store’s decor, sounds fascinating. Why is it important for you to create this kind of experience for visitors through such details?

When a consumer or customer walks into the store, it’s not just about browsing through outfits or making a purchase. It’s also about how the surroundings make you feel. Feeling special is crucial. Therefore, creating a unique vibe and atmosphere in the store is essential. It should resonate with the brand’s values and aesthetic, ensuring that customers connect with what the brand stands for.

10. As you expand your presence to Delhi, what are your hopes and aspirations for your brand’s journey in this new market?

I’m very excited about having my store in Delhi, and like any other designer, I’m looking forward to establishing a strong presence. It’s not just about sales; I also hope to receive love and admiration from customers. This kind of recognition adds to the goodwill of the brand, and I’m eagerly anticipating experiencing that in Delhi.

11. Looking ahead, what exciting projects or developments can we expect from Arpita Mehta in the near future, both in terms of your collections and your retail experiences?

Hopefully, we’ll open more stores this year. We’ve already opened one in Delhi, and we’re optimistic about other projects in the works. We’re hoping they come through this year. Additionally, we’ve just launched a capsule line of Kurta Pyjamas called A Love Letter to Tradition.

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